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About Anxiety Solution:Stress Relief


The Anxiety Solution is the #1 dedicated anxiety app. It features over 70 mindfulness, meditation, breathing tools, sleep stories and fitness routines based on proven science for stress relief, helping anxiety, depression, improving mood and getting your mind calm.


The app is developed in partnership with anxiety expert, therapist and Penguin Random House author Chloe Brotheridge and is based on her bestselling book, The Anxiety Solution. We've transformed her personal experience and advice into daily practices to help you manage and overcome anxiety.


Relax, feel clearer, calmer and more confident in minutes with breathing tools, meditation practices, sleep stories, calming music, articles and mood tracking. It's also instant support just when you need it most.

The app contains tools and practices to:

- Stop panic attacks

- Sleep better

- Focus more

- Calm worry

- Build self-esteem

- Manage social anxiety

- Improve productivity

- Feel good on social media

- Make difficult decisions

- Boost your mood

- Practise mindfulness

- Tackle tricky thoughts

- Deal with uncertainty

- Be present in the moment

- Boost body confidence

And more...


The 28-session course will guide you into calm, relaxation and confidence into your daily life. It takes the best of approaches to help you find what works for you including:

- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques to work through your worries

- Visual breathing guides to calm your mind

- HIIT workouts to get your body moving

- Yoga videos

- Sleep stories to help you wind down before sleep

- Journaling to create habits of positivity and more.

Track and visualise your mood and symptoms over time to monitor your progress, understand your triggers and find out what works best for you.

Create personalised wellbeing routines and develop daily habits to add a splash of positivity into every day.

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