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About heyy, - Emotional support for you

heyy, is a mental health app that's focused on you to get started with your wellness journey.

We understand that everyone's stress journey is different. And hence the emotional support at heyy, is designed to be personal to you.

On heyy, you get access to our Helpers, Experts & soon-to-launch Self Care resources that work for you.

Who are heyy Helpers?

No matter where you are in your stress journey, Helpers are here to support you. They create a confidential and safe environment for you to be yourself! With them, you can talk about anything that you could never talk about before. No judgments and no biases.

How they help :

- Provide emotional support for matters that are troubling you
- Increase emotional awareness and manage difficult feelings
- Understand your strengths and make sure they are working for you
- Tools and exercises to manage stress, anxiety and mood swings
- Always available to listen to you and provide emotional support
- Your mental health 'First Aid' support

In case of therapy is absolutely essential?

Connect to the many 'Experts' on our App.

Our expert network is a curated and vetted panel with many years of experience under their belt, trained in Trauma, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and other clinical practices.

How it works?

heyy Helper :
Simple click on 'Find My Helper' on the App Home Screen and connect instantly via chat. Chat with a new heyy Helper each time or pick one and develop a deeper ongoing relationship.

Just select the right 'Expert' from the list and hit 'Connect'. We'll require your verified email ID to connect you with the expert. The connection happens instantly and you'll be able to book the session as per your time and convenience - via chat, audio or video call.

heyy, is an App that loves you back:
- Online emotional support, available anytime
- Chat 1-1 with a heyy Helper
- Completely anonymous
- 100% secure, private & confidential

1000's of people use heyy, every month to help their anxiety, depression & overall mental health.

Over 90% of the people loved their conversation with heyy Helpers and gave them 5-star ratings!

Designed with safety and privacy at its heart :
Everything you do in the app is private and confidential. Your data is not shared or sold and can be permanently deleted at any time.

Remain 100% anonymous. No one will ever know who you are - not even your heyy Helpers.

Talk about any issues here :
Self-esteem, self-image (including body image)
Body dysmorphia
Academic / career-related stress
Family matters
Relationship problems
LGBTQIA+ (gender identity and sexuality)
Sexual Wellness (emotional support for sexual health & sex education)
Addiction (including pornography)
Substance Abuse
Depressive feelings
Grief (loss of a loved one)
Emotional abuse
Physical abuse (including but not limited to sexual)
Domestic violence
Personal growth
Eating disorders
Job loss
Peer pressure
Gender-based Discrimination
Caste-based Discrimination

heyy, is your empathy network. You are never alone. Cause you really matter.

Terms of Service -
Privacy Policy -
Crisis Helpines - htttps://

We are not a medical service or suicide prevention helpline. If you are feeling suicidal, we would suggest you immediately call up the crisis helpline numbers provided on our website and app.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is heyy?

heyy is a mental health app that focuses on providing emotional support and resources for your wellness journey.

Who are heyy Helpers?

heyy Helpers are individuals who provide confidential and safe emotional support. They are available to listen, help manage difficult feelings, and offer tools and exercises to manage stress and anxiety.

Are therapy sessions available on heyy?

Yes, heyy provides access to a network of Experts who are experienced in various therapeutic practices. You can connect with them for sessions via chat, audio, or video calls.

How can I find a heyy Helper?

Simply click on "Find My Helper" on the app's home screen to connect instantly with a heyy Helper via chat. You can choose to chat with a different Helper each time or develop an ongoing relationship with a specific Helper.

How can I connect with an Expert on heyy?

To connect with an Expert, select the right one from the provided list and hit "Connect". You will need to provide a verified email ID. The connection happens instantly, and you can book sessions at your convenience.

Is heyy completely anonymous?

Yes, heyy offers a completely anonymous experience. Your conversations and personal information are kept private and confidential. Not even your heyy Helpers will know your identity.

What topics can I discuss on heyy?

You can talk about a wide range of issues on heyy, including self-esteem, relationship problems, anxiety, depression, trauma, eating disorders, personal growth, and many more. The app is designed to provide support for various mental health concerns.

Is my data secure on heyy?

Yes, heyy prioritizes safety and privacy. Everything you do on the app is private and confidential. Your data is not shared or sold, and you have the option to permanently delete it at any time.

Can heyy help with suicidal thoughts?

heyy is not a medical service or suicide prevention helpline. If you are feeling suicidal, it is recommended to immediately call the crisis helpline numbers provided on the heyy website and app.

Are there any additional resources available on heyy?

heyy offers a soon-to-launch Self Care resource section that will provide further support for your mental health.