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About Rootd - Panic Attack & Anxiety Relief

Rootd is a female led app for those struggling with panic attacks & anxiety. Helping you overcome anxiety & regain confidence 💪🏼

“I’ve suffered from panic attacks for almost 10 years. I’ve done CBT, medication, meditation, but nothing helped me in the moment when that panic attack hit, until I downloaded Rootd. Rootd makes it feel like someone is with me, even when I’m alone. I owe my continued stability to this simple genius app. Its a MUST for all who are facing the same type of war with anxiety.”

Overcome panic attacks and anxiety the moment they strike with Rootd’s proven lessons, panic button, breathing tool, and exercises.

Finally, an app for conquering panic attacks and anxiety that blends a guided process for both immediate and long term relief, with clean and engaging design. Get Rootd to always have panic attack and anxiety relief right in your pocket.

We set out to build Rootd after suffering from debilitating panic attacks and anxiety for several years. The only help resources we could find were too expensive, ineffective, or poorly designed. Our mission has become to help others overcome their panic, fear, and anxiety, and to end the stigma against those affected.

Rootd’s core features and content are completely free, and always will be. This includes:

The Rootr

Always there to help anytime you feel overwhelmed by an anxiety or panic attack. After activating the Rootr with the press of a big red button, you are presented with two guided paths to relieving the panic: one for when you’re ready to face the panic attack head-on, and another for when you just want to find comfort as quickly as possible.

Understanding Lessons

Find some peace of mind by learning about where anxiety comes from, how our bodies and minds experience panic attacks, and why this all might be happening to you.

The Breathr

The perfect tool to practice deep breathing daily and find calm during times of stress.

The Visualizr

Guided body scans and visualizations to get rooted when feeling anxious.

Emergency Contact

For when you need to hear a friendly voice, you can immediately call a friend, family member, or nearby help center directly from the Rootd app.

Personal Stats Page

Take pride in your healing progress and gain appreciation for how far you’ve come with a personal stats page that tracks your number of panic attacks survived, lessons completed, and overall “warrior points”.


When you're ready to begin permanently changing your relationship with panic attacks and anxiety you can now upgrade to unlock Rootd's Short Term & Long Term lesson packs.

Short Term Lessons

Learn changes you can make and exercises you can perform in the short term that provide relief, manage heightened anxiety, and instil a calm mind. Short term lesson topics include Diet, Social Media Anxiety, and a new guided Deep Breathing exercise.

Long Term Lessons

The ultimate goal is to permanently change our relationship with anxiety, and live panic attack free. Rootd's long term lessons guide you through the remainder of the journey to lifelong relief. Long term lesson topics include Learning to Sleep Again, Resistance vs Trust, Self Labelling, and Meditation.

What mental health professionals are saying about Rootd

"I appreciate the simple, factual, and yet caring approach of Rootd that makes it an inviting, interesting, and easy to use tool. Its easy to read and affirming statements at the end of each section are true and encouraging to readers. I endorse this for individuals looking for support and tools for managing anxiety and panic attacks."
Wendy Marion-Orienti - Licensed counsellor at PRH International School of Adult Education and Research

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Instagram: @rootd_app

Rootd - Panic attack and anxiety relief right in your pocket.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Rootd?

Rootd is an app designed to help individuals struggling with panic attacks and anxiety. It offers relief and support through various features such as guided lessons, a panic button, breathing tools, and exercises.

How can Rootd help with panic attacks and anxiety?

Rootd provides immediate and long-term relief for panic attacks and anxiety. It offers guided paths to help manage panic attacks, educational lessons on anxiety, a breathing tool for daily practice, guided body scans and visualizations, emergency contact options, and a personal stats page to track progress.

Are the core features of Rootd free?

Yes, the core features and content of Rootd are completely free and will always be accessible. These include the Rootr (panic button), understanding lessons, the Breathr (breathing tool), the Visualizr (guided visualizations), emergency contact options, and a personal stats page.

Are there additional features available in Rootd?

Yes, Rootd offers the option to upgrade and unlock Short Term and Long Term lesson packs. The Short Term lessons focus on providing relief and managing heightened anxiety through exercises and lifestyle changes. The Long Term lessons aim to permanently change one's relationship with anxiety and include topics like learning to sleep again, trust, self-labeling, and meditation.

What are mental health professionals saying about Rootd?

Mental health professionals appreciate the simple, caring approach of Rootd. The app is seen as an inviting and easy-to-use tool that provides support and tools for managing anxiety and panic attacks. It is endorsed by professionals in the field of counseling and adult education.
Samiha Somo
Helps me take my mind off of my anxiety
treeva peterson
Thank you. 🥺
Guillermo Alzate S.
Great resources for Anxiety and Panic Attacks, and top notch customer service.
Emily Sickenger
Mr & Mrs Brewer
This works really well I'm totally gonna use this every time I feel a panic Attack coming
Jacklynn Duarte