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About Tangle

★ Tangle can be used for:

● To release stress
● To get relaxed
● To have fun
● Be calm
● To mediate
● See cool physics
● Spend some quality time

★ How to use Tangle

● Just swipe or touch across the screen to see the magic

● Tangle Features

● Tangle: tangle behaves like a spring, a fine touch causes the spring to make lovely patterns resulting in stress relief

● Net: net is made up of beautiful flowers and helps to be calm. net can be wiggled to release stress

● Harmony: Harmony is a great meditation option. it's like a reflective fluid. a great way for mediation

● Bomb: the bomb is one of the funniest options. when touch on-screen firecrackers are thrown giving great joy

● Tentacles: tentacles look like colorful snakes help to stay relaxed

● Mat: mat is made up of a number of particles which attract and glow on touch

● Chian: chain is for mediation

● Illusion: one of my favorites, just swipe across the screen and see the magic

● Bubbles: colorful bubbles make you calm

● Flowers: become a painter on touch and draw beautiful colorful flowers

● Jelly: Jelly is made up of tiny sliding particles so it's hard to touch

● Gravity Points: tap on the screen to see how gravity works. you will be amazed and satisfied

● Sketch: a real stress buster disturb the flow of the sketch

● Snow: generate snow at the tip of your hand and be calm

● Tripalium: your touch can blow the wind shake the trees and flowers

● Unexpected: see the unexpected colorful lights of fun and joy

● What power: release your stress on the dolls

● Repeat: a better way to stay cool even a great time killer

● Sphere Cube: break the sphere cube into tiny sphere cubes and have a great time

● Worm: see the tiny worm with microscopic eyes and see the magic

● Alter: sometimes insects can form a pattern too

● Fluid: catch the fluid if you can

● Dolls: watch the dancing dolls and stay relaxed

● Light: experience the light of the universe

● Oriented: stay oriented and stress-free

● Storm: handle the storm with your fingers

● Lately: play with the flying particles to see the magic

● Tunnel: create your own tunnel and stay calm and have fun

● Unfold: unfold the straight line of particles and stay meditate

● Physics: experience some cool and amazing physics

● Sea: Explore the beautiful sea and be relaxed with the twist and turn of the sea

● Box: play a 2d box game, build your own empire with the box

● Quadratics: a wiggly element just like jelly

● Frame: break the frames into much smaller frames.

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Superb app
Ramu Singh
Love it, but is there no way to pay for an ad-free version? Also, it'd be nice if it would cycle back to the beginning when you reach the end. And is the one that says tangle messed up? The bottom of the let...
Chaoss Inc
great visualisation of some universal patterns
kaito ikari
Lots of variety!
Very satisfying!! I love it!
F.G Bendyy!
Fun to play with some satisfying but a few gave me headaches over all I recommended this for people with anxiety its calming to play with
Angel Hubbard