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About Ai Schedule : Auto Day Planner

πŸ—“οΈ # First automatic schedule maker app
πŸ† #1 Best Schedule App of 2022
πŸ† #1 Best Day Planner App of 2022

βœ… Just add events or tasks and app will create well planned, efficient schedule for your day.

Ai Schedule is free automatic schedule maker, day planner, timetable planner, task manager, reminder and alarm app.

AI Schedule is powerful and capable of creating efficient and accurate schedule as per your needs even if you have lot of tasks, events or reminders.

You can change tasks, event at any point of time, AI Schedule will adapt it and create/update schedule accordingly.

You can control how your schedule is being created using profiles, you can set these profiles based on day, week, month, weekdays, weekends or any recurrence you like. Profiles can control,
β€’ Your day start time
β€’ Sleep required for that day
β€’ What’s your Goal (Do important task first, more task in less time, bigger task first etc.)
β€’ Schedule task having priority (High, medium, low or any combination)
β€’ Exclude any category
β€’ Set automatic alarm
β€’ Create schedule based on my alarm

To keep your task, events and reminders grouped for better organization categories are provided.

AI Schedule creates a schedule based on your needs. To create a schedule, you just need to add tasks, event, reminders etc. and everything will be taken care by AI Schedule. You can customize your schedule using profiles. Whenever you make any change in tasks, event, reminder, category or anything, AI Schedule detects it and modify your schedule according to change.

Focus mode shows the ongoing activity in full screen along with your notes and buttons to handle ongoing activity.

Easily set recurring alarms, select ringtone, gradually increase alarm volume etc. AI Schedule can create schedule based on your alarm. Your day will start when you dismiss.

Features of AI Schedule automatic schedule creator, day planner, reminder, task manager and alarm app,
πŸ“³ Ringing notification – to get quick attention to your next task also helps you to be on track.
πŸ’Ύ Backup and restore on internal storage or Cloud backup – to avoid losing your data, app stores backup on cloud.
⏰ Automatic alarms – to set alarms automatically based on your profile configurations.
πŸ’Ό Profiles – to control how your schedule should be created for specific day, week or any recurrence option selected.
πŸ’€ Sleep duration in profile – to specify how much sleep required for specific day.
🎯 Goals in profile – to achieve individual goals, what do you want to achieve .
πŸ”– Categories – to organize your task, events and reminders .
⏰ Schedule based on alarm – to create schedule based on your alarms set.
πŸ“† Week view – to view plan for whole week.
πŸ“± Ongoing widget – to show ongoing activity all time on all screens.
🧿 Focus mode – to help you get distraction free.
πŸŒ… Motivational quotes – Daily motivational quotes keep you motivated.
πŸ›ŽοΈ Sleep reminder – to sleep reminder notifications on bedtime or using phone during sleep time.

Made with ❀️ in India.

Contact us at [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Ai Schedule?

Ai Schedule is an automatic schedule maker, day planner, and task manager app that creates efficient and accurate schedules based on your needs. It also includes features such as reminders, alarms, and sleep tracking.

How does Ai Schedule work?

Ai Schedule works by allowing you to add tasks, events, and reminders to the app. It then uses artificial intelligence to create a well-planned schedule for your day. You can customize your schedule using profiles and the app will automatically adapt to any changes you make.

Can I customize my schedule?

Yes, you can customize your schedule using profiles. Profiles allow you to set preferences for your day start time, sleep duration, task priorities, category exclusions, and more. You can create different profiles for different days or recurrence options.

Can Ai Schedule create schedules based on my alarms?

Yes, Ai Schedule can create schedules based on your alarms. You can set automatic alarms within the app and your day will start when you dismiss the alarm.

Can I organize my tasks, events, and reminders in Ai Schedule?

Yes, you can organize your tasks, events, and reminders in Ai Schedule using categories. Categories help you group and organize your items for better organization and efficiency.

Does Ai Schedule have a focus mode?

Yes, Ai Schedule has a focus mode that allows you to view the ongoing activity in full screen. It also displays your notes and provides buttons to handle the ongoing activity, helping you stay focused and minimize distractions.

Does Ai Schedule have an alarm feature?

Yes, Ai Schedule has an alarm feature that allows you to set recurring alarms, select a ringtone, and gradually increase the alarm volume. The app can also create schedules based on your alarm configurations.

Can I backup my data in Ai Schedule?

Yes, Ai Schedule allows you to backup and restore your data. You can store backups on your internal storage or use cloud backup to avoid losing your data.

Can I view my schedule for the whole week?

Yes, Ai Schedule has a week view feature that allows you to view your schedule for the entire week, helping you plan and manage your tasks and events more effectively.

Are there any additional features in Ai Schedule?

Yes, Ai Schedule includes additional features such as an ongoing widget to show the ongoing activity on all screens, motivational quotes to keep you motivated, and a sleep reminder to receive notifications on bedtime or avoid phone usage during sleep time.
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