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About Timo Kids Routine Timer - from Morning to Evening

* No more morning or evening chaos. No shouting!

With Timo's help, parents and children can create and maintain healthy habits, routines and activities that organize their child's daily schedule - morning, afternoon and evening.

* Children and parents enjoy dynamic timers that are visual, audible and fun!

Rewards will keep your children motivated and on task. The end result? More opportunities to spend quality time between parent and child/ren.

Easy to use, intuitive ... and did we say fun?!

* With Timo as your friend, you can:
- Tackle To-Do lists with ease.
- Create a visual list of activities for parent and child.
- Set countdown alarms for all routine tasks that are challenging and fun to beat.
- Drag, drop and rearrange tasks to suit your family rhythm.
- Keep an ongoing record of successes and suggestions to improve.

* Children LEARN & PRACTICE to:
- Organize their activities
- Focus on one thing a time
- Practice healthy habits
- Finish on time
- Self-care
- Help others
- Take Responsibility

* Get started for FREE today.

The Timo timer is fun for children to race. But most importantly the Timo timer helps free up time for you and your children to spend together.

Can you say quality time instead of struggling to get simple things done?

* Bonus:

Enjoy FREE weekly newsletters with advice on best practices for using Timo from experienced parents... and other parents just like you!

TIMO will offer tips and best practices for your family. You will learn from others who share their stories.

You can interact with the Timo team by emailing us anytime at [email protected]. We read EVERY email.

* About us:

We are real people here at Timo. We feel the same pain and the same joys that you do. Our team is made up of professional educators.

We also face in our daily lives with our own children the same struggles as you. We have parents on our team who have raised their children and share richly from their own experiences.

The TIMO team loves our users. We want you and your children to be happy in your daily routines and activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Timo Kids Routine Timer?

Timo Kids Routine Timer is a tool that helps parents and children create and maintain healthy habits, routines, and activities for their daily schedule from morning to evening. It is designed to reduce chaos and shouting in the household.

How does Timo Kids Routine Timer work?

Timo Kids Routine Timer provides dynamic and visual timers that are fun for children. It allows parents and children to create to-do lists, set countdown alarms for routine tasks, and rearrange tasks according to their family rhythm. It also helps children learn and practice organization, focus, healthy habits, finishing tasks on time, self-care, and helping others.

Can I try Timo Kids Routine Timer for free?

Yes, you can get started with Timo Kids Routine Timer for free.

How can Timo Kids Routine Timer help me and my children spend quality time together?

By helping you and your children stay organized and finish tasks efficiently, Timo Kids Routine Timer frees up time for you to spend together. It eliminates the struggle of getting simple things done, allowing you to enjoy quality time as a family.

Are there any additional benefits of using Timo Kids Routine Timer?

Yes, you can enjoy free weekly newsletters with advice on best practices for using Timo. These newsletters provide tips and suggestions from experienced parents and allow you to interact with the Timo team through email.

Who is behind Timo Kids Routine Timer?

The Timo team consists of real people, including professional educators and parents who have raised their own children. They understand the struggles and joys of parenting and are dedicated to helping families find happiness in their daily routines and activities.
I really like this app but apdate up im very sorry if i hurt
renalyn lauron
Great there a timo plushie?I'd love get one!I love this app it's the only one I used and it has changed my routine completely!
I love this app I'm 14 and I use it cause it's a better timer and it's a fun way to get all your activities done keep up the good work also the only thing that would be good is If they had like a section of ...
Heelen Forero
I'm a kid and i really love this app! It has helped me to remeber to do the small stuff like brush your hair or make your bed and I can be slow at that so this app really helped and I love how when its 8:00 ...
Emily Turner
This app is very goo
kiana heer
This app is great!!! I use it every day and have been using it for a week it is so awesome and is keeping me on task my brother is now using it with me too and it is really cute! Thank you for making this am...
RnB Watson