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About MoodSpace - Stress, anxiety, & low mood self-help

Imagine something…
You're not feeling your best. You might call it stress, anxiety, depression, low mood, or something completely different. What you do know is that you want to do something about it.

So where do you begin?

Enter the world of MoodSpace
MoodSpace brings together techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness based cognitive therapy, positive psychology, and behavioural activation into a self-help space for mental wellbeing to guide you in managing and improving your mental health.
Techniques such as recognising three good things in a gratitude journal and balancing automatic thoughts in the cbt thought record are grounded in decades of research on what makes us happy.

Three Clouds
Notice life's good moments by writing a delightful three good things in a gratitude journal and note the good things that are all too often forgotten.

Three Clouds is based on the gratitude journal from Positive Psychotherapy. By writing three good things each day the aim is to reduce worry, improve self-esteem, help cope with stress, and more.

Thought Diary
Look at stressful situations in a healthy, balanced way. Prevent rumination by using the thought record to challenge automatic thinking and gain a new understanding of stressful situations.

The thought dairy (or thought record) is a tool used in CBT to reframe thinking. By analysing thinking patterns in the cbt thought record it helps you to recognise and balance unhelpful thought patterns.

Guided Meditation
Focus on your breath, re-focus, and become more mindful by learning to meditate. Take your first steps into mindfulness by listening to a selection of guided meditations. Or use the custom meditation timer with a selection of calming nature sounds. Cultivating this sense of mindfulness can help prevent rumination and help cope with stress.

Day Planner
Schedule your time in this activity planner based on what brings you fulfilment. Rediscover what brings you happiness and make the plans that bring those things back into your life. Ensure your life has balance by making plans around work, fun, and rest to help reduce stress.

At your fingertips
MoodSpace techniques are designed to be as simple as possible to use.

The three good things technique can be used daily to keep track of the little things. And this gratitude journal can be looked back on in the future whenever you're in need of a smile.

The thought diary cbt is good to use at a moments notice when a stressful situation occurs. To quickly cope with stress and get back on with your day.

A wellbeing app driven by the research

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, you are far from being alone: It has been estimated that today, there are over 260 million people around the world dealing with depression and 280 million dealing with anxiety.

MoodSpace takes its techniques from decades of research on what helps in dealing with anxiety and dealing with depression, and brings those techniques to your fingertips.

The app aims to create a self-help space where you will have the opportunity to experiment with techniques backed by research to see what works for you.

Using this knowledge, we encourage you to carry out your own, further research into your favourite techniques. Your continued learning can build the coping strategies which enable you to cope with stress and manage low mood

The information to bring you happiness is out there but therapy is all too often prohibitively expensive or inaccessible. We think everyone should have access to these tools.

You will never be alone, and we hope this app will provide the self-help tools which guide you to a happier life.


MoodSpace isn't a replacement for therapy or treatment – it's simply an introduction to mental wellbeing techniques and provides a self-help space to learn about yourself.

We always recommend you speak to your doctor to access the treatment available to you.

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Great experience with the apps. It helps me with my depression. Hope to see more features in the future.
Đạt Nguyễn
I'm loving this app! It's cute and helpful. Thank you for making it free to use during COVID19 and ad-free, it makes such a difference.
Lexie Keller Sheard
I love this app so much! It is better than rxxxxxx, in my opinion.☺️
meini cheng
This is so good! The graphics are fun, light and very pleasing to the eyes. I have a lot of planners already but this one asks how I feel whenever I complete a task and it helps me assess if my daily goals t...
Lovely T.
fatemeh Ahmadi
What a brilliant self care, mood tracker app. The graphics are wonderful to help give that sense of relaxation and escape. Could not recommend more.
Lulu Fisher