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About Perfectly Happy Vision Board

Your Perfectly Happy digital vision board allows you to rise beyond your current life. Reconnecting you back to the abundance you felt as a child. This is the secret tool you have been searching for. It profoundly supports you in positively changing your life and achieving your dreams. That’s why it is also called a dream board. Find your happiness and step into your full potential.

Manifest your goals easier with the scientifically proven practice of visualization in combination with affirmations. Whatever we frequently focus upon, the law of attraction brings into our experience. 3 Minutes of dedication is all it takes to improve your mindset and therefore your life in various areas. Such as:

- Health
- Body Positivity
- Sleep & Inner Peace, Relaxation
- Work & Career
- Wealth & Lifestyle
- Family & Friends
- Partner & Relationship
- Spirituality & Welfare

Once you've decided on the topics the app creates your individual visualization movies. Contemporary visualization and manifestation made easy!

Throughout centuries people have used a vision board and affirmations to help achieve their goals. Perfectly Happy has upped the game of vision boards and set the bar a little higher. By using modern day technology and creating a leading edge digital vision board. This digital vision board covers it all, from visualization and spoken affirmations to manifestation. But, it does so much more than show moving images, and play positive affirmations. Through watching it on a daily basis and because it stimulates many senses simultaneously, you start to erase negative belief patterns and emotional blockages and create positive ones. Your conscious and subconscious thoughts will be positively influenced, which in effect, changes your life for the better. It works like a manifestation amplifier.

With the Perfectly Happy vision board app, your dream board is always with you in your pocket. At any given moment you have access to your vision board and can create or adjust your personal meditation / visualization movie on your smartphone or tablet.

Your digital vision board allows your mind to focus on uplifting and positive things whenever you want. Thanks to the alarm feature you'll never miss your daily focus again. Find inner peace and serenity in your personal dream place.

Bring more awareness, mindfulness, tranquility, balance and satisfaction into your life. You'll become more focused, confident, powerful and creative, which will get you closer to your heart's desires and dreams.

Successful athletes, musicians, entertainers, managers and even billionaires still use a vision board for visualization every day to reach their peak performance. Have your own realization with the Perfectly Happy vision board. It’s fun and it leaves you feeling great!

Define your life by the positive vision of your future, rather than memories of your past. Start manifesting your dreams by utilizing the law of attraction. Be Perfectly Happy!


Perfectly Happy offers an annual subscription model for $59.99 that can be cancelled at any time. The subscription automatically renews if it is not cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your iTunes account will be charged for the next subscription period within the last 24 hours of the current subscription period. The automatic renewal can be deactivated in the iTunes account settings.

If you have feedback for us, please send it to [email protected] We have put a lot of time and love into our app and are therefore looking forward to receiving positive feedback. We are also happy to receive suggestions and ideas for improvement, so that we can make Perfectly Happy even better and more interesting for you and our other users.
Perfectly Happy integrates with the Apple Health app.

Data & Privacy Policy and our Terms & Conditions here:

It is superb vision board creator
Gideon Adegbite
I stumbled upon this app and I'm happy I did so. I've been working with visualization and motivational quotes for quite some time now and clearly it works, as I've managed to manifest this app. I can now use...
Sophia Gharib
I am loving this, I bet people leave this app a slightly better person even if they didn't try. The positivity is abundant!