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About Moodfit - Fitness for your mental health

We all need some emotional help from time to time. You're definitely not alone!

Whether you're seeking to improve your mood or you're dealing with the symptoms of stress, depression or anxiety, Moodfit is your companion to help you achieve your goals.

Install Moodfit to track and improve your mood and gain actionable insights into what brings you up and down like sleep, exercise, medications and more. Also, process your thoughts with the CBT thought record tool, reduce anxiety with the grounding tool, and learn gratitude & mindfulness meditation in just a few minutes a day.

- To create and track a set of daily goals to improve your mood.
- To reinforce positive messages and create new habits.
- As a mood tracker and journal.
- To understand the relationship between your mood and lifestyle factors like sleep, exercise and any custom activities of your choosing.
- To process any distorted thinking that leads to a lower mood using techniques based on CBT.
- As a gratitude journal that can change your brain to see more of the positive in life.
- To learn and practice mindfulness meditation that has been shown to reduce stress.
- To track your mood-related medications and better understand how they're working.
- To share your mood and related data with loved ones or care providers to give them more insight into how you're doing.

- A secure, robust and detailed record of all your mood-related activities. You can use a passcode to protect your account.
- Charts that show the relationship between your mood and other factors like sleep and exercise.
- CBT thought record to change negative thinking.
- Tools to help you build a gratitude or mindfulness meditation practice.
- Breathing exercises to provide immediate relief in stressful situations.
- Grounding tool to bring attention away from anxiety-producing thoughts.
- Custom reminders to create new thinking based on positive messages.
- Articles, tips and motivation to help keep you on track.

- We believe that literally everyone needs some emotional help from time to time - you're not alone!
- We believe that good mental health isn't just the lack of mental illness. We want to help you fully thrive.
- We believe there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to improving mood and that trying different tools and tracking their results is critical to understand what works for you.
- We believe there are many parallels between working toward good physical fitness and good mood fitness.
- We believe in you and are here to provide you the best tools possible to improve your mood.

Come and join the conversation all about mood.
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Need help with Moodfit or have feedback or questions? Email us at [email protected] We genuinely love to hear from our users!

Love that there is a lot of dimensions to the app. I've used a lot of different apps and this has it all in one. I've been using the default features for a week and there is more to expand my use over time
Josh Militante
I've been using Moodfit for about 6 months and highly recommend it. It's a valuable tool in helping me manage my anxiety. I like being able to create my own shortcuts and goals and regularly use the gratitud...
Kate Marsh
7/3/2020 Received an email that they are working to restore the app. That's all I can ask for! It is a perfect when it's working!
Kim Couture