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About TOVI: Find Your Rhythm

Created by a team of Ph.D. health experts, TOVI is a free app that helps you find your rhythm through:

Building a routine: Build a balanced and productive routine by planning, setting reminders, and tracking activities.

Connecting with a community: The TOVI community provides a place to connect with health experts and other users to give and receive support.

Gaining knowledge and insight: TOVI’s health experts create and curate articles, advice, videos, and news, so you always have access to safe and trustworthy information.

Stepping back and having fun: A moment of fun each day can help you recharge. TOVI offers a feed of feel-good, funny content to scroll through.


Dr. Maya D'Eon, Health Behavior Expert
Dr. D'Eon received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from UCSD, and she specializes in helping people overcome barriers to healthy living. Her input and experience are everywhere, from the advice we give on making healthy changes to the TOVI's framework.

Dr. Lorena Ruci, Mental Health Expert
Dr. Ruci is our pro when it comes to everything stress management and sleep improvement. She has a Ph.D. in personality and social psychology from Carleton University.

Dr. Tara Coletta, Nutrition and Exercise Expert
Dr. Coletta is our voice of reason and inspiration when it comes to nutrition, exercise, and being a mom. She has a M.S. in exercise science from UMass Amherst and a Ph.D. in nutritional biochemistry from Tufts University.

Ashley Miller-Dykeman, Science Communication Expert
With a M.A. in science policy and specialization in science communication from Duke University, Ashley has a knack for simplifying complex topics that we tackle in the TOVI app. She's also a certified personal trainer and certified nutrition coach.

Best Platform out there by far!
myke frank
Really useful if you're trying to get back to where u were pre-covid or find a new rhythm. It's not just tips but curated positive community based social media
Ashlee Conery
TOVI was helpful to me in being more positive and productive during the COVID stay at home times, as well as when I actually had covid!
Becky Dunlap