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About Declutter The Mind Meditation

Declutter The Mind offers guided meditation for mindfulness, sleep, anxiety, stress, work, and a lot more. In addition, Declutter The Mind offers 30-day courses that will teach you how to meditate, form the habit of a regular practice, and expand your mind through the teachings of mindfulness meditation.

This is all without positioning meditation as something mystical, spiritual, or supernatural for it to work for you. The science already shows that a regular meditation practice improves mental health and happiness. Let our app help you unlock these benefits without attaching it to something woo-woo.

Declutter The Mind offers a practical and easy approach to sitting down and observing the mind. With enough practice, you’ll start to have insights into your mind, how it works, and how busy it is. These insights can make you a calmer, less reactive, and happier person.

If you want to understand the mind, sit down and observe it. Meditation is using a non-judgemental awareness to notice what thoughts, feelings, and sensations appear in consciousness. It’s about becoming aware of just how busy the mind is, and breaking away from that momentum. Buddhists call this the monkey mind, the mind that’s constantly busy and chattering, sometimes without us even fully noticing it. We can call this clutter, and this app will help you declutter the mind.

Meditation doesn’t require any special equipment, or crossing your legs in a particular way, or holding your fingers out. You just need a comfortable and quiet spot where you can remain undisturbed for 10 minutes. Once you’ve found your spot, choose the guided meditation that best suits your needs. If you’re unsure where to start, check out the Essentials category to find meditations for beginners. Choose the session, select your length, and follow the guided instructions.

- Several categories of individual guided meditations
- Courses for new practitioners and experienced meditators
- A new guided meditation every single day with the Daily Guided Meditation feature
- 30-day mindfulness course for beginners
- 10-day loving-kindness course
- Theory included in each lesson, along with a guided practice
- Emergency category allowing you quick sessions in times of need
- Selectable meditation length
- Heart your favorites so they’re easy to find and return to later
- Set a daily reminder to meditate at the time you want with the built-in Push Notification Reminders
- Track stats such as your total minutes meditated within the app and the number of days total that you’ve meditated
- Meditation timer for when you’d rather do an unguided meditation
- Different types of meditation: Mindfulness, Vipassana, Loving-Kindness, visualization, body scan
- Meditation and mindfulness articles to deepen your leaning
- Guided meditation led by a 14+ year practitioner

- Mindfulness
- Body scan
- Loving-kindness
- Breathing exercises
- Anxiety
- Stress
- Depression
- Sleep
- Relaxation
- Focus
- Concentration and clarity
- Morning and waking up
- Energy
- Cravings
- Anger
- Mental health
- Managing emotions

- Pre-download guided meditations and play them offline and on - the go
- Live guided meditations
- Group meditation sessions with friends and family
- Friends list
- Google Fit integration
- Android Watch integration

All guided meditations are free for life. Besides the guided meditations, the app includes meditation courses, which you can try the first 5 days for free. If you’d like to continue the courses, you can subscribe for $7.99 USD a month or $79.99 USD a year.

Need help? Visit for support, and head on over to for more information and free guided meditations you can try on our website.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What does Declutter The Mind offer?

Declutter The Mind offers guided meditation for mindfulness, sleep, anxiety, stress, work, and more. They also offer 30-day courses on meditation and mindfulness.

How does meditation work?

Meditation involves using non-judgmental awareness to observe thoughts, feelings, and sensations in consciousness. It helps to break away from the constant busyness of the mind and reduce clutter.

What is included in the Declutter The Mind app?

The app includes several categories of guided meditations, courses for beginners and experienced meditators, a daily guided meditation feature, mindfulness courses, loving-kindness courses, theory lessons, emergency sessions, meditation timer, meditation articles, and more.

What topics are covered in the guided meditations?

The guided meditations cover topics like mindfulness, body scan, loving-kindness, breathing exercises, anxiety, stress, PTSD, depression, sleep, relaxation, focus, concentration, anger, cravings, mental health, and managing emotions.

Are there any upcoming features for the app?

Some upcoming features include pre-downloading guided meditations for offline use, live guided meditations, group meditation sessions, friends list, Google Fit integration, and Android Watch integration.

Are the guided meditations free?

Yes, all guided meditations are free for life. However, there are also meditation courses that offer a free trial for the first 5 days, with a subscription option available for continued access.

Where can I get support for the app?

For support, you can visit For more information and free guided meditations, you can visit
Very good
Chris Lawrence
I am on the 3rd day of the 30 day mindfulness course and it convinced me to write my first review ever, so it must be a good app.
Apostolos Praftsiotis
Absolutely amazing! I have noticed differences just after a few days of regular practicing.Keep up the good work,Thank you for a great app.
kamlendra singh
Thanks for this great experience, it's a big help in getting a grip on unhelpful overthinking and reactions. Very pleasant voice, the pace of the guidance is perfect, the themes covered are spot on. This mig...
Anne de Chivanney
I have absolutely been loving the YouTube channel for 6 months and I was looking forward for an app so that I don't get distracted on YouTube thank you is really helps.
Very clear and pleasant voice