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About Neo : Travel Your Mind and Meditate

Let yourself be carried away by inspiring soundscapes, lulled by original music and guided by the voice of your guide through the world.

This app takes you on a personal, poetic, and immersive voyage to approach this ancient practice of meditation in a new way, combining harmony for the eyes and ears, as well as surprises and philosophical contemplations.
Neo Travel Your Mind is like a precious jewel hidden in your pocket.

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Let us carry you away by the inspiring landscapes, original music and the inviting and soothing voice of your meditation guide.
When you touch the magic stone, you will be immediately transported to a special place on this planet where your meditation guide, Dawn, will be waiting for you.

Dawn invites you to accompany her on this grand journey, one that is both intimate and universal, to mystical and peaceful places on this earth. Through sharing her meditation experience, you are encouraged to discover your own journey and experience it for yourself.

Rewards can be found along the way to encourage you to keep going. Dawn also gifts you a travel journal, filled with splendid watercolor illustrations to remind you of the places you have been and the teachings you have received. She will also reveal to you secret places to meditate on your own, without guidance.

The high-quality 3D soundscapes, the teachings, the philosophical contemplations shared by Dawn, as well as the aesthetic fluidity of this app will satiate you.
You will not find this experience anywhere else. Unless, of course, you have the chance to go to Tibet to meditate with a Lama as Mount Everest as your backdrop...

The guide:

Dawn Mauricio has been practicing and studying Insight Meditation since 2005. She regularly sits silent residential retreats in Canada, the US, Thailand, and Burma. Dawn is a meditation teacher for True North Insight, Inward Bound Mindfulness Education and Spirit Rock Meditation Center. She teaches classes, workshops, day longs and retreats in both Canada and the US.


This version of the application contains five journeys:
- Amazon River
- The Himalayas
- Sahara
- Hawaii
- The forest of Broceliande.

More journeys are currently being created and will be available soon.

The meditative journey consists of 13 meditations, guided and non-guided.

The meditative journey on the Amazon River is free.

The first meditation of the other journeys are available for free. To continue on, the remaining six guided meditations and 6 soundscapes are available for $6.99.

Once you have purchased the journey, you can listen to the meditations as often as you like (and they are slightly different at your second visit) even after you have completed the entire journey.

You choose how long you would like to meditate (6, 10, 20 or 30 minutes). Do not worry, though - if you choose a shorter duration, you will not lose any meditation instruction from the guide. It is simply the amount of silence that shortens.

Each meditation is summarized with watercolor illustrations in your travel notebook.

You can express your feelings, thoughts, and emotions in your own artistic or creative way after each meditation.

You can set the level of music, ambiances and voice at your preference with an audio mixer.

The application also contains a timer section that allows you to meditate without being guided, choosing a soundscape and a musical instrument:

You can choose to meditate 10, 20, 30 and 60 minutes.

In this version, you choose instruments and soundscapes of the Himalayas. Other choices will be available soon.

Content management:

In order to lighten the weight of the application on your phone / tablet, you can manage the meditations you want to keep, delete and re-download.

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This is my top favorite meditation app, love it. This is thereal deal. It's not just for relaxation "breathe in & out and imagine a beach...." kind of thing. Rather here you learn mindfulness step by step th...
It's just amazing. Keep up the great job please. I hope more journeys will be added in future updates. My only suggestion is to make some tweaks to let the app continue while the screen is off. Love you guys.
Hesab Mikham
Amazing ❤️ just loved it...worth downloading :)
Mishu Moras