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About Simple Positive Psychology

Articles on positive psychology.

Positive psychology is a new approach within psychology that takes into account the positive aspects of human emotions and behavior. Twentieth-century classical psychology has focused primarily on the treatment of mental illness. In contrast, positive psychology aims to focus on improving quality of life and well-being; studying the qualities, attitudes and positive emotions of human beings; and applying this knowledge in a scientific manner.

The most important positive states are optimism, hope, perseverance, humor, flow, resilience, creativity, happiness, courage, love, caring, self-esteem, assertiveness, empathy, etc. Experiencing positive emotions leads to mental states, cognitive processes and behaviors that prepare us to successfully face the challenges that life brings as well as augment our well-being and happiness.

Justine Kalinga
Crystalean Mckie
This is a great application that has the ability to provide valuable insight and guidance for inspiring CEO's, Life Profesionals, and sufferers. From now on, this will be an essential download along with Min...
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