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About Murmur : voice diary

How was your today?
Please tell me the story of today.

Gathering emotions and voices of the day that cannot be left in writing,
You will be able to complete your story.

# Record today

You can record the day by touching the date on the calendar or pressing the + button.
Choose one of the 5 levels of emotion.
Emotions can be customized.
And record what happened today or what you want to record within 5 minutes.
Records are automatically backed up to the cloud, so don't worry!

# View records

Touch the date on the calendar to see the emotions and hear the stories of the day you recorded.
If you want to edit the record, delete it and record it again!

# Your own notification

Get the notification message i set at a fixed time!
It will help you record a day constantly.

# PIN lock

Login is automatic once you log in
So anyone can open the app and see the history!
To prevent this, you can lock the app by setting a PIN code!

# Statistics

We provide statistics function. We will tell you the number of diary recorded for each period!
It will be updated further in the future!


Any inconvenience or suggestions you would like to make while using it are welcome!
Anyone who can help with translation work is also welcome.

Email : [email protected]

Remember today. Thank you.

A very good audio dairy. Liked the interface very much, loved the theme and saving audio. The price is also too affordable compare to other app. Thanks developer for the app.
Robin Reni
Simple and Useful - Things to you might consider to add along the way is enable google drive backup and also a phot of the day. Kudos to the Developer!
Axl Gautane
This is sooo good💙🌚
Habiba Ahmed