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About Cardiac coherence: reduce stress and anxiety

Simple and ergonomic, discover the Cardiac coherence application which will allow you to understand the benefits of cardiac coherence for your health✨.

Say goodbye to your daily stress and your anxiety! 😀


- Choice of music 🎶

- Choice of a sound on inspiration and or on expiration 🎼

- Set a vibration for transitions 📳

- Create your personalized session: choice of music, duration, animation 🆒

- Personalized entertainment ☀️

- History of its sessions 📜

- Modify the duration of your sessions, and of each inspiration and expiration 🕔

- Completely customizable application, you choose everything, from music to animation, including durations and different sounds as well as transition vibrations. 🎉

Thanks to the transition sounds and vibrations, you can practice even without looking at your screen and wherever you want, even in the dark since the screen can be turned off! 👌

You are the master of the place and choose everything in the smallest detail, the application was thought by users and for users of Cardiac Coherence . 🎉

Why should you do cardiac coherence?

Cardiac coherence is a fast and very effective practice for reducing stress and anxiety, and also allows long-term control of one's emotions.
The goal of heart coherence could not be simpler, it is enough to breathe following cycles of 5 seconds of inspiration for 5 seconds of expiration. However, if you want to change this you can in the application. You can change the duration of inspiration and expiration to the second you want to adapt the application entirely to your needs. In the long term, cardiac coherence brings significant benefits as for the practice of meditation. Among other things, there will be a reduction in symptoms of depression, and a reduction in blood pressure.
For the immediate many effects will be felt, this is why the practice of cardiac coherence to many followers.

Here are some of its immediate effects:

- Physical and mental soothing. 😎

- Better sleep. 💤

- Increase in the amplitude of cardiac variability. 💖

- Decreased cortisol (stress hormone, lots of negative effects at a high rate). 📉

- Increased secretion of DHEA (anti aging). 📈

- Improved memory and coordination. 🧠

- Increased secretion of serotonin. 🤗

Cardiac coherence is an excellent introduction to meditation, but also a very good complement to it.
Ideally, it is recommended to do 3 cardiac coherence sessions per day, that makes 15 minutes of practice. It is really little compared to the benefits of practicing it. You can for example do a session in the morning when you wake up before going to work, another at noon to mark the break, as well as a last one when you come home in the evening to relax from your day.
Finally, these are only our recommendations, it's up to you to build your own program according to your needs and desires 🙂.
Do not forget the many benefits of the practice, this will allow you to keep yourself motivated constantly so as not to relax the practice.
We sincerely hope that you will like the application, it was designed with simplicity and beauty to satisfy each of our users.
We remain at your disposal to improve our application, so do not hesitate to contact us and especially to leave a note to thank us for the work on the application ☺️.

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Simple et pratique
Flexo Kir
I love this app. Easy to use with a lot of options to personalize.
Catherine Robinson