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About 1 Second Everyday: Video Diary

1 Second Everyday is a video diary that makes it easy to take your day-to-day moments and create a meaningful movie of your life. It’s a home for all your notable memories, not just the Insta-worthy. Get started with 1SE today!

REBUILT FROM SCRATCH: This is an entirely new generation of the 1SE app, rebuilt from the ground up to deliver the best possible experience to our Android users!

2x winner of the “Best Use of a Mobile Camera” WEBBY Award.

Featured by Apple, BBC, TED, CNN, Fast Company and more!

"For over 6 years, I've been recording 1 second every day, so I'll never forget another day ever again. This project has had such a positive impact on my life. This lead to the development of 1 Second Everyday; which makes it easy for anyone to do this too. Being able to relive every single day has provided me with a treasured perspective on life. It holds me accountable for making each day notable. When I turn 40, I'll have a 1-hour compilation that encapsulates my 30s. If I live to see 80 years of age, I'll have a 5-hour video that summarizes 50 years of my life."

- Cesar Kuriyama, 1SE Founder

Why 1SE is awesome:

- AD FREE: 1SE is free to use without ads!

- ROTATE & FILL THE FRAME: Pesky vertical videos? Begone! Lopsided videos ruining your mash? No more! You can rotate and fill the frame to your heart's content.

- UNLIMITED MASHING: Make 1SE videos of any custom length. Monthly, seasonal, or the past 5 years. You're in control.

- 2 KINDS OF PROJECTS: Start out with two different styles of projects, ‘Freestyle’ for events or trips and ‘Timeline’ for a classic day to day video diary.

- NOTES: Take note of your day and leave a private message for yourself.

- REMINDERS: Set up friendly creative reminders, so you never forget a day!

- PRIVACY: Your seconds are never shared with anyone unless you decide to do it.

Our core app is free to use but if you want to help support our growing team while gaining access to more features try 1SE Pro!


- Unlimited backup: Secure your life’s most precious memories and never lose them again!

- Unlimited projects: Create as many Freestyle or Timeline projects as you want.

- Multiple snippets a day: Up to two separate snippets in a day.

- Longer snippets: Capture up to 3 seconds per snippet!

- Add music: Gain access to royalty-free songs and add some music to your mashes!

- Brightness: Edit the shadows and exposure with our updated snippet selector.

- Remove 1SE Branding: Remove the date and logo at the end of your videos.

Pro & Subscription FAQ:

Privacy Policy:

Terms of Use:

We love your feedback and appreciate your reviews. Reach out to us at [email protected]

Follow 1SE on:

- Instagram: @1SecondEveryday

- Twitter: @1SecondEveryday

- Facebook:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is 1 Second Everyday?

1 Second Everyday is a video diary app that allows you to capture and create a meaningful movie of your life by recording one second of your day-to-day moments.

Is the 1SE app available for Android?

Yes, the 1SE app is available for Android users and has been rebuilt from scratch to provide the best possible experience.

Has 1 Second Everyday won any awards?

Yes, 1 Second Everyday has won the "Best Use of a Mobile Camera" WEBBY Award twice.

Who has featured 1SE?

1 Second Everyday has been featured by Apple, BBC, TED, CNN, Fast Company, and more.

What is the importance of recording one second every day?

Recording one second every day allows you to create a compilation that summarizes your life and provides a treasured perspective. It helps in making each day notable and holds you accountable.

Are there any advertisements in the 1SE app?

No, the 1SE app is completely ad-free.

Is it possible to rotate and fill the frame in the videos?

Yes, you can rotate and fill the frame of your videos to your liking.

Can I create 1SE videos of any length?

Yes, you have the freedom to create 1SE videos of any custom length, whether it's monthly, seasonal, or even for the past 5 years.

What are the different project styles available in 1SE?

1SE offers two project styles - "Freestyle" for events or trips, and "Timeline" for a classic day-to-day video diary.

Does 1SE offer a reminder feature?

Yes, 1SE allows you to set up friendly creative reminders so that you never forget to capture a day.

Are my seconds shared with anyone?

No, your seconds are not shared with anyone unless you choose to do so.

What additional features are available in 1SE Pro?

1SE Pro offers unlimited backup for your memories, the ability to create unlimited projects, capture multiple snippets in a day, longer snippets of up to 3 seconds each, access to royalty-free music, the option to edit brightness, and the ability to remove branding from your videos.

Where can I find the Pro & Subscription FAQ?

You can find the Pro & Subscription FAQ at
Been doing this for years now, but the new app makes everything easy. Worth the money each month as I have a video over 20 mins long now.
Jarrod Dockendorf
Love this app. So easy to use and creates amazing memories.
Heather D
The very best app to capture moments of your children, so you can keep forever! Thank you
Kari DaBell
It is Greta
Vee Okuma
Super cool concept, easy to use and I love it!
Ferny Guzman
Love this app so much! Great way to keep a picture/video diary of what you've been up to each day. Has been great during lockdown for me. Favourite app by far 🎉😄
Julie Compton