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About Couply - a free app for Couples

Couply has a simple goal

We want to use technology to help bring couples closer together.

In today’s busy world there are a thousand ways to use technology to help spark relationships, but very little to give couples a helping hand to create the strongest relationship they can.

Everyone knows that being in a long-term relationship can have its challenges!

Couply helps you and your partner get on the same page and stay on the same page.

We do this through:

• Our personality mesh test.

This will show you places in which you are in line with your partner and places where you may have challenges.

Couply will use this personality mesh test to illustrate ways to communicate with your partner that they’ll appreciate!

• Custom Date ideas

Couply will automatically suggest dates and events that your partner will enjoy based on their personality type.

Current features:

• The app is linked with each partner

• You receive custom relationship articles tailored to you partner’s personality

• Create a date feature – you can book a date with your partner right from Couply

• Custom date ideas based on your partner’s personality

• You receive custom gift ideas that your partner will love based on their personality

• Reminders for anniversaries & birthdays

We hope you'll enjoy using Couply and future-proofing your relationship!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Couply?

Couply is a free app designed for couples to help them strengthen their relationship through various features.

How does Couply help bring couples closer together?

Couply uses technology to provide assistance and support for couples in maintaining a strong and healthy relationship.

What is the personality mesh test in Couply?

The personality mesh test is a feature in Couply that evaluates the compatibility and similarities between partners, highlighting areas of alignment and potential challenges.

How does Couply use the personality mesh test results?

Couply utilizes the personality mesh test results to suggest effective ways of communication with your partner that they will appreciate.

What are custom date ideas in Couply?

Couply offers personalized date suggestions and events based on your partner's personality type, ensuring an enjoyable experience for both.

What features does Couply currently offer?

Couply is linked with each partner, provides custom relationship articles, offers a date booking feature, suggests personalized date ideas and gift ideas, and also sends reminders for anniversaries and birthdays.

What is the purpose of using Couply?

The purpose of using Couply is to enhance your relationship and ensure its longevity by utilizing the app's various features and guidance.
Couply has been a great app that me and my partner have been using, especially during this pandemic. The lines sometimes get blurred between staying at home and enjoying yourself, but the date ideas keep thi...
Patrick McCallion
Very cool app, plus it’s free. Me and my girlfriend took the quiz together and I can definitely say the results weren’t what I expected. Kind of surprising given that we’ve been together for so long, but it ...
Odhita Kamayana
Super cute app to use with my boyfriend!! Lots of helpful tips and love that I can schedule dates!! 😍
Cool idea, and the notifications that come down weekly are pretty informative, I really do look forward to them every week. The anniversary card is a nice touch too, it shows how long we’ve been together. Sw...
Mat Ferreira
What an intuitive delight this is. Having a blast doing the dates with my partner ☺
Trevor Green
I found this app to be really helpful during the pandemic! My husband and I are working from home and we're always looking for new things to do, given the restrictions. The weekly date ideas really help with...
Anne Alfred