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About Our.Love - The App for Couples

At Our.Love, we understand the importance of building and maintaining a healthy, loving, and supportive romantic relationship regardless of life’s struggles. We know it’s difficult to find the time to seek the relationship care and guidance needed to support and maintain a healthy relationship.

With our AI-powered love app, you can reconnect, rekindle, and reignite the bond with your partner no matter what stage in the relationship you are at.

Relationships and marriage don’t have to be difficult and keeping things fresh shouldn’t feel like a chore. Use Our.Love to create a personalized space for you and your partner to strengthen your relationship health.

Bring support, appreciation, quality time, curiosity, accountability, vulnerability, and physical connection back into your relationship. Our.Love offers fun and engaging quizzes, shared mood tracking, appreciation features, and so much more to keep your relationship blooming.

Whether you’re overcoming differences or learning to foster better communication, you and your partner are not alone. Our.Love offers simple ways to keep your relationship flourishing as you navigate life’s journey.

Our.Love’s Key Features:

Relationship Health Tracker:
- AI Powered relationship tracker builds lasting connection
- Fun relationship quizzes and games meant to engage and strengthen relationship bonds
- Track your relationship health progress with data-backed insights and tips

Book of Love:
- Track, list, and complete Love Skills to strengthen your relationship bond
- Navigate and see the progress of your relationship with a full breakdown of activities
- Harness the power of The 7 Love Skills™ and 5 Love Journeys™ to build a lasting connection

Mood Indicator:
- Stay in tune with your partner’s mood and emotions to help and support them in times of need and celebration
- Build mood calendars to better understand your partner and be present with one another
- Improve relationship health through self care and mutual support

Virtual Store & Love Coins:
- Earn Love Coins with each completed activity for a shared bonding experience
- Use Love Coins to purchase virtual gifts and decorations for your in-app relationship house

Appreciation Box:
- Practice expressing daily gratitude to develop a positive mindset for a strong, healthy relationship
- Share documents, messages, or characteristics you treasure and value in your partner
- Let your partner know how much you appreciate them in real-time or during special or difficult times

If you choose to upgrade to premium plans then subscriptions will be applied to your iTunes account after your confirmation. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless cancelled within 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can cancel anytime with your iTunes account settings.

For more information, see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

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