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About Evergreen: Relationship Growth

Evergreen is for couples who want to connect more deeply, communicate more effectively, and improve intimacy.

In just a few minutes a day, you can learn new things about your partner, laugh together, get relationship tips from experts, and find new reasons to fall in love again every day. Daily questions help you and your partner celebrate the moments that matter most, while quizzes and check-ins help you understand strengths and areas for improvement in your relationship.

Evergreen makes it easy for you to invest in improving your relationship, building healthy habits, and tracking your progress and growth as a couple.

Here’s how it works:

* Answer questions that help you and your partner spark conversation and deepen your connection
* Play games and complete fun couples quizzes that test how well you know each other
* Get actionable tips that can immediately energize your relationship
* Complete lessons from relationship experts that include research-based insights into building healthy and lasting relationships
* Earn points and keep your streak alive with new questions and activities every day

Whether you’re a new couple, navigating a long-distance relationship, or looking to deepen your connection with a spouse or long-term partner, you’ll find ways to grow.

Topic areas include:
* Communication
* Conflict management
* Sex and intimacy
* Gratitude and appreciation
* Stress
* Trust and forgiveness
* Money
* Family relationships
* Resilience
* And much more!

Here’s what couples are saying about Evergreen:

“It’s made me think in depth about parts of my relationship I used to take for granted”
- Alex, together for 2 years

“I LOVE IT! It’s made everything better - our sex life, how we talk to each other, and even our arguments”
- Kate, together for 7 years

“It’s really helpful, and it’s helping my relationship. Also, the app is beautiful!”
- Jen, together for 1.5 years

Download Evergreen and start growing together today!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Evergreen?

Evergreen is an app designed for couples who want to deepen their connection, improve communication, and enhance intimacy.

How can Evergreen help improve relationships?

Evergreen offers daily questions, quizzes, and relationship tips from experts to help couples understand each other better, celebrate important moments, and identify areas for improvement.

What activities does Evergreen offer?

Evergreen allows couples to answer questions, play games, complete quizzes, and engage in lessons from relationship experts to strengthen their bond.

What topics does Evergreen cover?

Evergreen covers various topics such as communication, conflict management, sex and intimacy, gratitude, stress, trust, money, family relationships, resilience, and more.

What are users saying about Evergreen?

Users have reported that Evergreen has made them think more deeply about their relationship, improved their sex life, enhanced communication, and provided helpful insights.

Where can I download Evergreen?

You can download Evergreen from the app store or the official website.

What are the privacy policies and terms of service for Evergreen?

Evergreen's privacy policy can be found at and its terms of service at
I have completely fallen in love with this app! Answering the questions with my boyfriend has become one of the highlights of my day. The quizzes and games are really fun too - we've been together for a long...
KC Marie