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About Sparks - The Relationships App

Are you facing complicated decision making for simple decisions in your relationship? Like what to watch on netflix or where to go for dinner? Have you run out of new date ideas and want to break the mundane routines? Forgot your anniversary date, again?

Presenting Sparks - the app to solve these issues. We aim to make relationships simple and fun by easing decision making, introducing new experiences and allowing you to recollect the important moments.

For us relationships are not only between a couple, but also between friends and family! Download us and make your relationships simpler and more fun!

Three simple steps:
1. Add your partner (friends, family)!
2. Swipe on different date ideas!!
3. Match and enjoy a fun date!!!

Relationships love Sparks:
“No way! Me and my partner were always thinking how it would be great if there was an app where we can swipe the movies we like and play those that would match, like tinder for movies! This is it! And much more!” - Ana J, loving partner

“My wife and I are on a constant search for things to do together. The idea of an app that supports us with this is exciting and we’re looking forward to it!” - Zee L & Anika K, happily married couple

“With inflation & costs on the rise, we wanted to figure out fun economical things to do at home. Sparks completely changed our stay-home dates!” - Jen Z, economics professor-in-love

- At-home events: Movie options, recipe ideas and fun online games.
- Out-of-home events: Restaurant options, bar options, events (festivals, concerts, shows etc) options, vacation planning.
- Group decision making: Group of friends deciding what to do together? No more endless haggling, let us decide for you based on all of your preferences!
- Relationships timer: Never forget another date (birthday, anniversary etc) - with your partners, friends and family.
- Dated photo albums: Have a personalised collection for your relationship, remember all the special moments uploaded as photos on a private calendar.

*** We are currently in beta mode (only movies and relationships timer available). All feedback welcome, please help us improve!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Sparks - The Relationships App?

Sparks is an app designed to simplify and add fun to your relationships. It helps you make decisions, discover new experiences, and remember important dates.

Who can use Sparks?

Sparks is for couples, friends, and family members who want to enhance their relationships and create memorable experiences together.

How does Sparks work?

Sparks works in three simple steps:

1. Add your partner (friends, family) to the app.

2. Swipe on different date ideas to find activities that interest you both.

What kind of events does Sparks offer?

Sparks offers both at-home and out-of-home events. You can find movie options, recipe ideas, online games, restaurant options, bar options, festivals, concerts, shows, and even plan vacations.

Can Sparks help with group decision making?

Yes, Sparks has a feature that allows a group of friends to decide on an activity together. It takes into consideration everyone's preferences to make the decision easier.

Does Sparks help remember important dates?

Yes, Sparks has a relationships timer feature that ensures you never forget another date like birthdays or anniversaries. It helps you stay organized and thoughtful in your relationships.

Does Sparks offer a way to cherish special moments?

Absolutely! Sparks allows you to create personalized dated photo albums. You can upload photos and save them on a private calendar to remember all the special moments.

Is Sparks available for everyone?

Sparks is currently in beta mode, offering only movies and the relationships timer feature. However, it is open to everyone, and the developers welcome feedback to improve the app.
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