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About TwinFlame


TwinFlame is the app that gives you access to tools for self-awareness, introspective, and personality-insights! We help you “be your best you”

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Want to learn more about yourself and your personality? We combine psychology, spirituality, and other assessments to give you unparalleled insight into what makes you really you! Use this to become your best self, or to better understand your friends’ and family’s personalities and points of view - how they could be different from yours - and how to best build tighter relationships.

Want to talk to others who share your feelings and personality traits? We’ll help you connect!

What are the best ways to apply your personality strengths and minimize your weaknesses? We can offer advice!


• Insights: Psychological and spiritual tools, quizzes, and assessments to help you know you! Use writing to ‘fingerprint’ your personality - We’ll provide psychological insights using supercomputer-powered artificial intelligence. Journal your feelings with us and we’ll look at the patterns and styles of your writing and assess your personality. Take quizzes and we’ll share your personality type using the DISC, Jung Personality & Enneagram Type models! And more!

• Learn: Detailed personality descriptions and interpretations from the best subject matter experts.

• Video: We curate content to help you understand yourself, and how you interact with others

• Music: We’ve curated playlists with songs that capture feelings associated with your personalities

• Social: We offer social interactive communities where people of like personalities can compare notes and interact. Share your views on psychological and spiritual approaches to personality insights with the TwinFlame community!

• Friends: Meet others like you and develop friendships. Or learn more about your current friends’ personalities!

• Fun: Play games, add photos, and create personalized avatars

• Shop: We curate fantastic products and recommend shops for you! See the artistic talents of our members and support the community! And find some great stuff at the TF Market….


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Send us an email: [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is TwinFlame?

TwinFlame is an app that provides tools for self-awareness, introspection, and understanding personality traits.

How can TwinFlame help me?

TwinFlame helps you learn more about yourself and your personality, connect with others who share similar traits, and offers advice on how to apply your strengths and minimize weaknesses.

What features does TwinFlame offer?

TwinFlame offers insights through psychological and spiritual tools, quizzes, and assessments. It provides detailed personality descriptions, curated content in the form of videos and music playlists, social interactive communities, the ability to meet and develop friendships, fun games, personalized avatars, and curated product recommendations.

How does TwinFlame analyze personality?

TwinFlame uses artificial intelligence to analyze patterns and styles of writing through journaling, as well as quizzes based on DISC, Jung Personality, and Enneagram Type models.

Where can I find TwinFlame on social media?

You can find TwinFlame on Twitter at, Instagram at, and Facebook at

How can I contact TwinFlame for support or questions?

You can send an email to [email protected] for any help or questions you may have.
This is a wonderful astrology app. 10/10 recommended 👌
A Google user
I love this app it's wonderful and very informative a great self growth and refection tool everyone can benefit from , however the app repeatly closes and won't run on my android on my iPhone it ran without ...
Megan Jones