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About RecoverMe

RecoverMe is a mobile application to help those who suffer with a gambling addiction. This app was designed with the help of psychologists, psychiatrists and those others suffering from gambling addiction.

RecoverMe is
· Accessible
· Discrete
· Flexible
· Evidence-based
· Made with our users

Our novel app uses a large variety of techniques to help manage your urges. This way you can find what works best for you and take back control of your life. Join the RecoverMe community and escape from the clutches of gambling addiction, football betting and casino games. In combination with gambling blocking software, RecoverMe can help you to stop gambling and manage your urges. RecoverMe works around you and you are free to go through the programme at your own pace.

Features of RecoverMe
· CBT: There are six easy to follow cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) sessions to empower you to overcome a gambling addiction.
· Diary: This will improve your self-awareness and allow you to monitor your progress through this journey.
· Mindfulness: These audio sessions have been developed to encourage you to focus on the present moment. Mindfulness with CBT has been shown to be effective in beating a gambling addiction.
· Support: We help find a way for you to connect with others embarking on a similar journey or other organisations that may be helpful.
· SOS: This unique section will provide you with strategies to better manage your urges to gamble when you experience them in real-time.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is RecoverMe?

RecoverMe is a mobile application designed to help those suffering from gambling addiction. It is accessible, discrete, flexible, evidence-based, and made with the input of psychologists, psychiatrists, and other individuals with gambling addiction.

What techniques does RecoverMe use to help manage urges?

RecoverMe uses a variety of techniques to help manage urges. It offers cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) sessions, a diary feature to monitor progress, mindfulness audio sessions, support to connect with others on a similar journey, and strategies to manage gambling urges in real-time.

How does the CBT feature in RecoverMe work?

The CBT feature in RecoverMe consists of six easy-to-follow sessions that empower users to overcome a gambling addiction. It is designed to provide cognitive techniques to change negative thought patterns and behaviours related to gambling.

How can the diary feature in RecoverMe help?

The diary feature in RecoverMe improves self-awareness and allows users to monitor their progress throughout their recovery journey. It can help identify triggers, track emotions, and provide insights into patterns of gambling behavior.

What is the purpose of the mindfulness feature in RecoverMe?

The mindfulness feature in RecoverMe consists of audio sessions that encourage users to focus on the present moment. Mindfulness, when combined with CBT, has been shown to be effective in overcoming gambling addiction.

How does RecoverMe provide support?

RecoverMe helps users connect with others who are on a similar journey of overcoming gambling addiction. It also provides information about other organizations that may be helpful in the recovery process.

How does the SOS feature in RecoverMe work?

The SOS feature in RecoverMe provides users with strategies to better manage urges to gamble in real-time. It offers immediate support and guidance when individuals experience gambling urges.

Can RecoverMe be customized to an individual's pace?

Yes, RecoverMe is flexible and allows users to go through the program at their own pace. It is designed to work around the user's schedule and preferences.
Great app - There is so much useful stuff in this app. And this is so badly needed! Thank you & well done :)
john alexander
Costs money
karen watson
Awesome app that surely helps out with gambling addictions, would highly recommend!
Vlad Balanescu
Fantastic app, great to be able to offer and gain support on the go
Bex Dack
Excellent and easy interface that makes the experience of using the app a delight. The CBT and audio features are unique and helps people from all backgrounds - ranging from major and minor addictions. This ...
Excellent app, would highly recommend. Very simple to use.
Sachin Patel