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About DYF

With the DYF (Dance Yourself Fit) App, you can start tracking your workouts and meals, measuring results, and achieving your fitness goals, all with the help of your personal trainer.

- Access training plans and track workouts
- Schedule workouts and stay committed by beating your personal bests
- Track progress towards your goals
- Manage your nutrition intake as prescribed by your coach
- Set health and fitness goals
- Message your coach in real-time
- Track body measurements and take progress photos
- Get push notification reminders for scheduled workouts and activities
- Connect to wearable devices like Apple Watch (healthkit), Fitbit and Withings to sync body stats instantly

Dance Yourself Fit is an exciting and dynamic new concept that provides all the necessary elements to empower and motivate people to a fit and healthy mind, body and soul! It is a lifestyle choice that puts the fun and feel-good factor into working out that is both addictive and rewarding!

If you like the hit TV shows like Strictly and Dancing With The Stars, then you will love our fun, high cardio dance workouts that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home!

Get active and Dance Yourself Fit while burning more calories than the average session in the gym! It will be the most fun you will ever have while exercising and at the same time, you will learn the skill of dance!

Our fun workouts have all the grace and elegance from the Ballroom and the fire and speed of the Latin American dances. The two styles mixed together make the perfect combination for a dynamic high-calorie burning workout that tones every muscle in the body!

Download the app today!