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About Poko

Learn the world's best books with free and fun quizzes. For everyone who wants to learn insights from great authors and recall them throughout life.

- Understand books in 5 minute quiz games:
Get a taste of any book you like
We've summarised non-fiction bestsellers into flashcard-like highlights. Decide what's relevant to you and what's not.

Science-backed Quizzing
Learn from books with fun and effective quizzes. They're different every time and tailored to your retention progress.

Become more knowledgeable
Take a daily 5 min smart quiz across your entire library and recall them throughout your life!

Why you'll love learning with Poko
Inspirational Content
Discover non-fiction books and their insights. Whether you've read it already or always wanted to, you'll boost your personal knowledge.

Brain Character
Free & Fun
Learning should be fun — and reading sometimes is, sometimes isn't, even if it's just summaries. Our engaging quizzes make learning feel more like mini games.

Personalized Learning, Scientifically Proven
Scientific studies show we forget over 90% of what we read. Poko's active retrieval, spaced repetition, and interleaving system will keep your learnings forever.

Poko is in beta and free. We're adding books every week. Can't find a book you'd like to see on Poko? Let us know in the app and we'll be happy to include it as soon as possible.

Privacy Policy:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Poko?

Poko is a platform that allows users to learn from the world's best books through free and fun quizzes.

How does Poko help in understanding books?

Poko summarizes non-fiction bestsellers into flashcard-like highlights to give users a taste of any book they like. Users can decide what is relevant to them and what is not.

What type of quizzes does Poko offer?

Poko offers fun and effective quizzes that are different every time and tailored to the user's retention progress.

How can Poko make users more knowledgeable?

Users can take a daily 5-minute smart quiz across their entire library with Poko and recall the learned knowledge throughout their life.

Why should I love learning with Poko?

Poko offers inspirational content, allowing users to discover non-fiction books and their insights. It boosts personal knowledge and is free and fun.

How does Poko personalize learning?

Poko uses scientifically proven methods such as active retrieval, spaced repetition, and interleaving to personalize learning and ensure long-term retention of knowledge.

Is Poko a paid service?

No, Poko is currently in beta and is free to use. They are continuously adding new books to the platform.

Can I request a specific book to be included in Poko?

Yes, if you can't find a book you would like to see on Poko, you can let them know through the app, and they will be happy to include it as soon as possible.

What is Poko's privacy policy?

Poko's privacy policy can be found at
I learn better with this app! ✓ Effective reading method thru summary cards ✓ Test your learning via quiz ✓ Fun and easy to use
Ayo Pangilinan
In love with the app. You can prove to yourself that you have learned something by taking those quizzes. Awesome!
Ailijah Juta
I love it
Shannen Louise Polleros
I have always loved reading and this just made me love it even more. The way the questions are simple and clear just makes me want to keep going and never stop. It helps me remember everything I've read and ...
Mekontso Lauriane
Easy and fun way to learn from books.
Christian Hirsig
The quizzes touch the content of the books. The app is user friendly.
Franka Ebai