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About mySymptoms Food Diary & Symptom Tracker (Lite)

Record, track, and analyze your food, mood, and symptoms to gain insights into your digestive health.

mySymptoms makes logging a food and symptom diary easy - remembering your favorite foods and providing customizable symptoms. The diary analysis reveals any patterns that emerge between your diet and symptoms. Print a PDF (Android 4.4 or above) / web report of your diary/journal.


• Record food, drink, medication, stress, exercise, environmental factors, and other activities and notes
• Record any symptoms you experience (including intensity, duration, and notes)
• Record your energy, sleep quality, and bowel movements (using Bristol scale)
• View and modify your diary entries
• Create and modify your own symptoms
• Export your food diary as a PDF (Android 4.4 or above), CSV, or Web report for printing or sharing


• Discover any patterns between your diet and symptoms
• View suspect foods, trends, and correlations between food and symptoms
• Configurable analysis


• Add or modify your own drinks, foods, medications, exercises, and other activities
• Add or modify meals with your own ingredients
• Add or modify detailed ingredients to any item – food, drink or medication


• Simply begin by tracking your meals along with any symptoms you experience
• Over time, the more you track, the more the analysis algorithms have to work with to provide any insights

mySymptoms is used by sufferers of:

• IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
• IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)
• Food intolerance and sensitivities such as dairy, gluten, lactose
• Acid reflux
• Crohn’s disease
• Celiac disease
• SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)
• Ulcerative colitis
• Migraines & cluster headaches
• Eczema
• Bloating, heartburn, and many other digestive conditions

mySymptoms is also useful for recording a FODMAP diet.

Please note that the analysis algorithms use statistical methods to identify suspect foods/items and do not understand your diet or specific health circumstances.

The information provided by this app is not medical advice. Always consult a doctor if you have any concerns about your health. Always consult a licensed health professional prior to modifying your diet.


• Advanced analysis including ingredients and food groups (where provided)
• Detailed results for each item includes more specific information, a histogram and trend chart
• Review events a food or symptom appears in
• No adverts

mySymptoms also provides a list of common symptoms for food intolerance, IBS, IBD and Crohn's, but you can add extra symptoms as required.


NOTE: mySymptoms Food Diary currently supports portrait orientation only.


If you experience any issues with mySymptoms, then please contact our support team - we will do our utmost to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Thanks!

[email protected]


Enquiries: [email protected]

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Update 11.27.2020 back to normal. This is a very good app. Super easy to use, tracks food without calories and other nutrition facts which is good for me. Tonight 11.25.2020 when I try to search foods it's t...
The Collective
Very customizable and easy to use. Love it!
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I have an unidentified medical problem so I am using this app to help my consultant understand my symptoms. I gave him a print out of 10 days records. He more understands what is happening. Good app.
John Rogers