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About IBS Coach: FODMAP Diet Plan, Tracker, & Relief

IBS Symptom Treatment Made Simple.

Based on 15+ years’ scientific research the Low FODMAP dietary plan is effective at reducing symptoms of IBS in up to 75% of people.

IBS Coach guides you through a personalised IBS plan using low FODMAP diet, psychology, and science-backed stress reduction techniques to take control of your digestion and get relief.

IBS Coach help reduce digestive symptoms, including,

- Bloating, Abdominal pain, Diarrhoea, Constipation, Cramps, Excessive Gas, and other digestive complaints.

People typically feel relief within 14 days of starting a low fodmap plan.

Have you been told to follow a Low FODMAP diet?

Before you cut out another food group it helps to test which foods trigger your IBS symptoms. Our gut health experts make the process simple, enjoyable and delicious.

1. Get your symptoms under control with our 28-day Low FODMAP diet.

2. Test your tolerance to specific foods to identify trigger ingredients.

3. Personalize your diet to effectively manage digestive symptoms.

4. Learn stress management to better manage non-dietary triggers.

Join people across the world taking control of their digestive symptoms and getting back a life they love.

Top features of IBS Coach

- Created by health experts, dietitians, and doctors

- Make life easy with delicious Dietitian approved Low FODMAP Recipes.

- Re-discover your favourite meals without triggering symptoms.

- Test FODMAP & food intolerances and discover your safe, caution or avoid foods.

- Recipes tested and approved by families who enjoy the meals.

- Use our personalised Meal Planner & simple Shopping Lists.

- Choose from Low FODMAP meals + Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Lactose Free, Vegan & Vegetarian options.

- Learn new skills with Daily Coaching on diet, stress reduction, improved sleep and exercise for IBS.

- Measure progress with your Symptom tracker for digestion, hydration, medication, menstrual cycle, mood, sleep, and exercise.

Everyone is different and your personalised plan helps you take control of your IBS. Get back to living your life again!

Please note IBS Coach does not diagnose disease and does not replace a medical doctor. You should seek a doctors’ advice before starting any treatment or IBS management plan.

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loving the app and food plan too, makes it very easy having the shopping list too.
Sundari Shah
Pretty much everything is good in this app - my only criticism is that I’d like popup alerts (outside) the app to get me to open the app and track my symptoms . But other than that everything is well designe...
เป็ก ชินกฤต
Loving the recipes and meal planning - it’s nice to have a variety of foods making up a tasty menu for the whole family! The shopping list is good and keeps staying on track is easy. Symptom tracker is reall...
Estran Insane
Got recommended the app by my sister who has IBS (seems to run in the family…my Mum has it as well) and am happy to report that it worked a treat for me as well - I’ve found I’m different in my intolerances ...
Kerr Reuben
I’ve been good! I had been trying low fodmap for over a year and found that it could be frustrating trying to find the recipes and never felt confident enough to tackle reintroducing. This app has helped me ...
Latcumi Khatri
Week 2 and honestly feeling awesome with my new weekly food - symptoms are reduced and feel confident i can finish elimination and then find out which fodmaps are teh ones causing my IBS! Love the app! Great...
Kalyani Kapoor