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About Clear

Knowing which products to use is hard, and knowing whether they’re actually working is even harder. Clear is solving this problem, and making skincare social in the process! At Clear, transparency is our priority, and we think it’s important for people to share the whole story - especially when it comes to your skin. As such, you will be able to see other people’s product logs, and they will be able to see yours.

Here’s where Clear can help:
Build your skincare diary
Record your morning and evening skincare routines
Add products to your routine seamlessly by selecting them from the database
Track skin progress chronologically with pictures from all angles
Be rewarded for consistent progress
Follow other people on similar skincare journeys
Find other users by skin type/ concern
Share reviews, questions and updates directly to your feed
Search for products and reviews in our extensive product database with over 13,000 curated products, including Western and Asian (Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese) skincare

Clear is an all-in-one skincare routine tracker - it lets you track and share your skincare routine. By inputting the products you’re using and taking progress pictures, you’re able to keep tabs on what is or isn’t working for you. Then, you can share your product recommendations, skincare routine, or even progress pictures with the Clear community. Want to find someone going through a similar skincare struggle to you? Our tags let you find other users on a similar skincare journey, and you can see what worked for them.

A note from the creator of Clear:

Hi everyone, Ahana here. I’m so excited to be sharing Clear with you. Clear is very close to my heart, as I’ve struggled with acne for years on end. My acne has really affected my confidence and self-esteem, and after countless hours spent educating myself on skincare (self-certified enthusiast here), I know first-hand how daunting skincare can be. It’s hard to know which products to use in the first-place, and whether they’re actually working. 80% of people have suffered with acne at some point in their life, so I know I’m not alone. I’ve been able to find pockets of community online, but there’s no go-to platform for the skincare community - building this is my goal with Clear. Clear isn’t just about acne - it’s for everyone on their own skincare journey. Whether you do skincare to address an acute problem, or it’s a matter of self-care, you can find your community on Clear.

Clear is completely free to download and use. Clear app your skin today.

For our full terms and conditions and our privacy policy, please visit:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What problem is Clear solving?

Clear is solving the problem of knowing which skincare products to use and whether they are effective.

How does Clear make skincare social?

Clear allows users to share their skincare routines, progress pictures, reviews, questions, and updates directly to their feed, and they can also follow other people on similar skincare journeys.

What features does Clear offer?

Clear offers the ability to build a skincare diary, record morning and evening skincare routines, add products seamlessly from the database, track skin progress with pictures, be rewarded for consistent progress, find other users by skin type/concern, and search for products and reviews in a curated database.

What is Clear's purpose?

Clear's purpose is to create a go-to platform for the skincare community, where users can find support, information, and a sense of community on their skincare journey.

Who is the creator of Clear?

The creator of Clear is Ahana, who has personally struggled with acne and understands the challenges of skincare.

Is Clear free to use?

Yes, Clear is completely free to download and use.

Where can I find the terms and conditions and privacy policy of Clear?

You can find the full terms and conditions and privacy policy of Clear at this link: [](