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About FitMenCook - Healthy Recipes

Struggle free, healthy and practical recipes that are easy on the wallet. It’s as simple as that, and it’s a message that’s seen over 1 million people join Kevin Curry across social media.

Be honest, have you ever heard these complaints about healthy eating?
- “Eating healthy is too expensive!”
- “It takes too long! I don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen.”
- “Healthy food is too bland”
- “I always end up cheating and slipping back in to bad habits”

Kevin Curry, founder of Fit Men Cook, has been there. After spotting a picture of himself on a friend’s Facebook wall he knew it was time for a change.

He followed all the common advice, changed to a healthy diet and started hitting the gym.

For a few months, things were great, but after a while he found himself craving the old foods he was trying so hard to avoid.

He got his hands on every book he could find on nutrition and started experimenting in the kitchen.

His aims were simple:
A) Food should be easy to prepare and affordable
B) Food should be vibrant and tasty, never boring
C) Preparing food in advance is important
D) Following a, b, c helps you achieve your fitness goals

Kevin shares his journey with the FitMenCook community and inside this recipe app where you’ll find the best way to prepare 600+ of his most popular recipes.

Built in the kitchen, sculpted in the gym

With 600+ recipes included, you'll be spoilt for choice. Containing keto recipes, vegan recipes, vegetarian recipes or high-protein meals. You can also search by ingredient, by typing one or more ingredients you already have in your refrigerator.

Shopping list organized by aisle

Add any recipes you want to your shopping list and see it organized by aisle.

Step by step video instructions

Follow any recipe with ease, using the step by step video instructions.

Save time with meal prep

Save time in the kitchen by prepping your meals in bulk. You'll find plenty of inspiration and guidance inside the Meal Prep tag.

Keep track of calories and macros

Whether you are a bodybuilder or fat-loss superhero, you'll find all the nutritional information you'll need inside the FitMenCook app.

Scale a recipe up or down

Cooking for more than one? Easily scale up a recipe and see the new ingredient list.

Switch between cups and grams

Change the measurement units from U.S. Units, to metric and imperial.

For a tour of the app head to:

The FitMenCook app is a collaboration between FitMenCook and Nibble Apps.

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I downloaded this app among a handful of others when I decided to start working out again and needed a way to eat healthy while doing it. I knew nothing about cooking but this app and Kevin Curry's videos ma...
Lashawn Kelly
Great Personality with awesome humor. He has easy/simple cooking styles with alot of delicious Meals for all ages. FitMenCook for Life!
Sheldon Cherry
Super app, one thing I miss unfortunatelly: gluten-free tag
Ionut Iova
Amazing App for healthy people! It motivated me to stay on track for my calories intake and at the same time to prepare a wide detailed variety of delicious meals! Bravo👌❤️
Nono Al Kherfan
I rarely give reviews to apps but for something this good I'll make an exception. Easy to use, so much recipes and it gets updated often. In a world where every app is subscription based it's fantastic to ha...
James Vass
The best app I have used in years of cooking so easy to use all the way through even to the shopping list. Well done.
Chris Allatt