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About Plant Jammer: Tasty recipes with a meal planner

Tasty and easy cooking with the Plant Jammer Meal planner. Find your inner supercook!

🥕Recipes in this app are vegetarian, plant based and vegan.

Recipes from your own pantry and fridge... you learn cooking with no food waste - works perfectly with food you find in Olio, TooGoodToGo, or Karma.

This meal planner is COMPLETELY different than anything you tried before. It makes it fun to find tasty recipes for dinner: Plant Jammer's AI will make you the boss of recipes!

Plant Jammer's cooking app is both for food-newbies who want to learn how to cook tasty recipes and are curious about vegan, vegetarian, or plant based foods, and foodies who want to discover new and exciting recipes.

🏆Plant Jammer's app was downloaded more than 500.000 times and won IBM's Watson AI prize; Nordea’s AI start-up Battle prize; Creative Business Cup; Green Entrepreneur of the Year by Veggie World.

Our features:
✔ Tasty Recipes that are easy and fast to cook
✔ Settings for vegetarian, vegan, plant based or other diets or health targets
✔ Tasty recipes guaranteed - use 'the panick button' if it's too salty/sour/...
✔ Save your most tasty recipes in your personal cookbook
✔ Use the weekly meal planner

Create: Discover tasty recipes 🙌
You choose the ingredients, Plant Jammer's AI gives you food pairs, and you get recieps. Along the way you learn professional chefs' secret behind tasty recipes by balancing flavors: Sour, Sweet, Umami, oil, salty, crunchy, bitter, and spicy. The result is tasty recipes… every time, guaranteed.

Once introduced to the Plant Jammer meal planner, your partner, child, or parent will never eat the same again. When you learn to make vegetarian, vegan, and plant based recipes tasteful, everyone will want to eat more of them. You will discover an abundance of tasty vegetables, and you will find it fast and easy to make healthy and delicious dishes out of anything!

Organize: You are the Boss of recipes! 😎
Just add your favorite tasty recipes to your personal cookbook and you can use them again and again. This is how your personal cookbook is made!

To not lose track you can organize your favorite recipes in your own cookbooks. Whether vegan, vegetarian, plant based, low carb, Asian, low calorie, vegan or creamy pasta. The tasty recipes come in all forms - pizza, bowls, casseroles, lots of delicious pasta, vegetarian chilli’s, pancakes, drinks, risottos, and many more. Among our recipes are lots of variations for breakfast, brunch, or healthy snacks.

Shop: Easy grocery shopping for your meal planner 🛒
For convenient recipe shopping you can use our meal planner and shopping list. Simply point and click your favorite tastyrecipes into your meal planner, discover one or two new tasty recipes with the same ingredients, and add them to the shopping list in one click.

Why we do this: Plant Jammer’s vision is to make you the boss of tasty recipes. When you learn the simple method, it is easier to live a healthy life, both for you, your loved ones, and the planet. You can do cooking with no food waste in your home by using what you have. Also, you can focus on local seasonal vegetables, making it easy to reduce your meat consumption.

We appreciate your feedback!
Just send an email to [email protected]
The Jammers

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Must have app for vegans. I can finally make good vegan meals at home now!
Aadil Ayub
Great app for making recipes. I personally like how you can pick a few things you need to use up and it will tell you ingredients that can make it into a good healthy meal.
Joshua Stephenson-Losey
Awesome app! Makes meal planning, shopping and organising so much easier. My PERFECT app - thank you!!
Heidi Benham
Something i was looking for! ❤ Often when I've been cooking before I missed some element of flavour and I couldn't figure out what exactly. I love how the app makes suggestions of what shoud I add. And besid...
Hanna Paulouskaya
Really great recipes and it's nice to be able to find a recipe from what you already have in your fridge. Not all of them are exactly what I want, but they're easy to add some extras that aren't in the recipe.
App is very easy to use. Great set up and good options. (Could add cream of mushroom soup to the list of options tho 😅) All in all best app I've used yet. No typing required.
Lori Mallory