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About KITCHENPAL: Pantry Manager, Grocery List & Recipes

*Recommended by PRI Radio (US), Food Navigator, Honeycombers, Radio France, Le Mans, 100% Mag and many more.

KitchenPal (iCuisto) is the only pantry manager, grocery list, and recipe ideas app, all rolled into one. You can use one just feature or all; and the app learns and provides suggestions the more you use it, just like a personal assistant.

Save time & money - never forget another product while shopping, and minimise food wastage through automated pantry check and with tasty & healthy recipes based on your ingredients.
And unlike other grocery or recipe apps, you can simply scan your favourite brands or products to add them to your kitchen or shopping list; or to find the best recipes.

- Easily organize your kitchen into pantry, fridge food, freezer items, etc (we even have a wine & bar section)
- Set quantities and food expiry dates: ideal for pantry check and tracking food inventory (for many items, especially fridge food, produce, etc, we detect expiry automatically)
- Receive alerts when your products and ingredients are about to go bad
- Add your favourite brands by simply scanning the item (our database contains millions of products from most major grocers)
- Share and sync the app with family members and easily manage your pantry inventory together
- Easily add your favourite items from the pantry to your shopping list

- Links to the pantry manager and automatically suggests recipes which match your existing food inventory (not available in other recipe apps)
- Easily search recipes by ingredient from millions of tasty recipes and ideas
- Find fridge recipes keeping your health and specific diet in mind (gluten free, lactose free, pork free, vegetarian, vegan, etc)
- Keep fit with light and healthy recipes (with nutritional information for easy tracking in fitness apps)
- Add missing ingredients or your favourite recipes to your grocery list at the touch of a button.
- Upload your own recipes and share your favourite recipes with others

- Create your shopping list for groceries in seconds, including quantities so that you never forget or run out of an item
- Receive automated recommendations based on your pantry inventory [recently finished, running low, frequently bought] and favourite recipes.
- You can even add your favourite brands, especially useful if asking others to do the grocery run for you
- Share your grocery list with friends and family, and mange it together in real-time
- Easily access past shopping list and track your purchases

- Fill in your profile details to get personalised nutritional information for recipes
- Set your specific diet preferences and allergies (gluten free, lactose free, pork free, vegetarian, vegan, no shellfish, etc).
- Choose between Metric or Imperial (US) Measurements and set your preferred currency
- An in-built tracker that tracks your achievement and helps you save money and reduce food wastage.

Still wondering if KitchenPal is for you?
- Visual, easy to use interface that our users love
- Easily add items by scanning barcodes, voice input or text input
- Customise your kitchen layout and design (food cupboard, fridge, freezer, bar, household supplies, etc)
- Manage your pantry inventory and track fridge food expiry: reduce waste and save money
- Create a new grocery list in seconds, based on an automated pantry check: no more extra grocery runs
- Manage and Share Shopping List or Kitchen with other family members
- Easily find tailored healthy and delicious recipes to cook and eat, linked to your food inventory or if you want, search recipes by ingredient
- Save recipes to your Cookbook and even Upload your own

If you have any questions or feedback, please write to us. We started KitchenPal based on the problems we faced while cooking and shopping, and which other grocery and recipe apps didn't seem to address. Our aim is to build an app our users love and absolutely can't live without.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is KitchenPal and what features does it offer?

KitchenPal is an app that offers pantry management, grocery list creation, and recipe ideas all in one. Users can use one or all of the features, and the app learns and suggests ideas based on usage.

How can KitchenPal help save time and money?

KitchenPal can save time and money by ensuring users never forget to buy a product while shopping and minimize food wastage through an automated pantry check and recipe suggestions based on existing ingredients.

What is the Pantry Manager feature in KitchenPal?

The Pantry Manager feature organizes the user's kitchen into pantry, fridge, freezer, and wine & bar sections. Users can set quantities and expiry dates for each item, and the app detects expiry automatically for some items. Users can receive alerts when products are about to expire, add favorite brands by scanning them, and share and sync with family members.

What are the recipe suggestions in KitchenPal based on?

Recipe suggestions in KitchenPal are based on the user's existing food inventory, which is linked to the Pantry Manager feature. Users can also search for recipes by ingredient, choose from healthy and diet-specific options, and upload their own recipes.

What is the Grocery List feature in KitchenPal?

The Grocery List feature allows users to create a shopping list in seconds, with automated recommendations based on their pantry inventory and favorite recipes. Users can share the list with friends and family in real-time and access past shopping lists.

Can users personalize their settings in KitchenPal?

Yes, users can fill in their profile details to get personalized nutritional information for recipes, set specific diet preferences and allergies, choose between Metric or Imperial measurements, and set their preferred currency. The app also has an in-built tracker to help users save money and reduce food wastage.

What are some additional features of KitchenPal?

KitchenPal has a visual and easy-to-use interface, customizable kitchen layout and design options, and the ability to add items by scanning barcodes, voice input, or text input. Users can also manage pantry inventory, track fridge food expiry, and find healthy and delicious recipes.
Amazing features - just what is required to manage a kitchen!
Noopur Bhardwaj
Super easy... in love..
jose angeles
Great intuitive UI, has a smooth flow and is pleasing to the eye. I really appreciate the image fetching service for products that I haven't or can't take a photo of. Also love that I can adjust quantities f...
Lyra O
Outstanding app very intuitive and usable. Better than expected. Efficient and fun to use.
Rick Love
So far looks like it'll do what I'm looking for which is simply help me keep track of what I've got and provide recipe ideas based on what I have. Easy shopping list generation. I've yet to get all the way i...
Riley Loader
I was having some login issues, the developers immediately responded and fixed the issue. I like that I can use this to keep an inventory I what I have. However, I do have a couple of suggestions. I would li...
Angela Dallemagne