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About TrainingPeaks

The on-the-go companion for triathletes, cyclists and runners who are serious about achieving their goals.

The free TrainingPeaks mobile app syncs with your account to provide a complete web, mobile and desktop solution for tracking, analyzing and planning your training.

• Log your runs, rides or swims in the TrainingPeaks Calendar
• Keep track of daily stats like power, speed, distance and more
• Dash off post-workout comments for yourself and your coach

• Check your progress with the Performance Management Chart
• Customize your Dashboard charts to see the data that is important to you
• View HR, power or GPS for your workouts in the workout file viewer
• See how much time you spent in your training zones during your workouts
• Look at your Peak HR, power, pace, and speed values from your workouts

• Schedule training sessions from your Android device
• Access your planned workouts and meals on the road or the trail
• Add workouts from your TrainingPeaks workout library (TrainingPeaks Coach or Premium Athlete users only)

• Share your workouts on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or IM

Then log into your account to perform deeper analysis of your training, upload workouts from over 90 devices, and plan your season using a training plan or a coach. If you don’t have a account yet, you can sign up within the app or visit

• This app can be used on devices running Android 4.0 or higher
• You must have an internet connection, 3G or Wi-Fi, to use this app

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is TrainingPeaks?

TrainingPeaks is a mobile app and website that helps triathletes, cyclists, and runners track, analyze, and plan their training to achieve their goals.

What can I track with TrainingPeaks?

You can log your runs, rides, and swims in the TrainingPeaks Calendar and keep track of daily stats like power, speed, distance, and more.

How can I analyze my progress with TrainingPeaks?

TrainingPeaks provides a Performance Management Chart to check your progress. You can also customize Dashboard charts to see the data that is important to you.

Can I schedule training sessions with TrainingPeaks?

Yes, you can schedule training sessions from your Android device using TrainingPeaks.

Can I share my workouts with others?

Yes, you can share your workouts on Facebook, Twitter, email, or instant messaging.

What are the requirements to use TrainingPeaks?

You need a device running Android 4.0 or higher and an internet connection (3G or Wi-Fi) to use the app.
Great app. Makes creating and monitoring your exercise programme and fitness progress really easy.
Carel Nel
Great app
Mark Butcher
All good.
GA Reno
Better metrics than the Garmin Connect software l use. My Garmin currently reports I am recovered and need to get a move on, where as TP states that I am just coming back from serious fatigue and still have ...
Gavin Tasker
Extremely useful for planning and tracking performance and health metrics
Ken O'Brien
Very thorough analysis
Adam Pozywio