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About SimpleMind Pro - Intuitive Mind Mapping

Mind mapping helps you organize your thoughts, remember information and generate new ideas. We've created a beautiful, intuitive app, so you can mind map wherever you are and whenever you want.

SimpleMind Pro is designed to synchronize your Mind Maps across platforms. For example (as a separate purchase) for Windows and Mac -

• Easy to use.
• Continuously fine-tuned based on customer feedback.
• Trustworthy and reliable: 10+ years of updates and improvements.
• Used in a wide range of applications: business, education, legal and medical.
• Unique free-form layout or various auto layouts.
• Seamless synchronization using clouds.
• Add media and documents.
• Share Mind Maps.
• Change and customize the style of the Mind Map.
• Tools to help you maintain overview.

○ place topics anywhere you want in the free-form layout
○ or use auto layout - great for brainstorming
○ reorganize and restructure using drag, rotate, re-arrange or reconnect
○ use checkboxes, progress bars, auto-numbering
○ connect any two topics with a crosslink
○ label relations
○ virtually unlimited page size and number of elements
○ supports multiple Mind Maps on one page

Add media and documents
○ images and photos
○ notes
○ icons (stock, emojis or custom)
○ link to a topic, mind map, contact, file or webpage
○ voice memos
○ videos

Seamless synchronization using Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive
○ sync mind maps with your Android devices
○ sync mind maps across platforms. For example with Windows or Mac - as a separate purchase

Share your Mind Map
○ for example as PDF or Image
○ outline, can be imported in word processors
○ create a slideshow to present your Mind Map (Tablet only)
○ print
○ export to a calendar app

Style your mind map
○ change the appearance by selecting one of the 15+ style sheets
○ create your own style sheets
○ style every detail, exactly how you want it
○ change borders, lines, colors, background color, the checkbox color, and much more

Maintain overview
○ collapse and expand branches
○ hide or show branches or topics
○ block out distractions with autofocus
○ highlight branches by displaying branch borders
○ visually group topics with group borders
○ organize your Mind Maps in folders
○ outline view
○ search

SimpleMind for Android is optimized for phones and tablets.

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Amazing! I've been using this app for a few months and it really helps me organize my ideas and channel my creativity.
David Scheler
What an excellent and easy to use tool for developing ideas.
Miller Moses
Best mindmap tool I found. Really helpful in organising my life!
Iulian S