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About Daylee: Video Life Diary

Daylee is your personal life diary. Thanks to Daylee you will never forget any of your great memories.

Can you imagine a movie composed from every day of your life? Or would you pay anything to see your child grow up again? Or do you just want to keep all of your great memories? This is what Daylee can do for you. It’s easy, Daylee will help you to record a video, take a photo, draw or type something, then add a text note, set your location (only if you want) or even attach how you felt or what you did through the day and save it to your private cloud storage, accessible only to you. All this and much more can Daylee do for you.

Then create beautiful movies from your life and share them with your friends and family, you'll love it, as we do.

Daylee is the app for everyone, e.g. travelers can record their trip every day and then share it in the movie very easily. Or parents can record every new little step of their baby for years and later watch the great movie together. Sport lovers can catch their form every day and track their progress. For those, who want to record their crazy adventures with friends and create funny movies. Or just anyone, who want to never forget any beautiful moments.

Btw. Daylee is all game. When you set up the app, send us feedback, make a new Clip or Movie or even find Easter egg, etc. Daylee gives you some extra coins to improve your rank and get some premium feature or cool merchandising.

We believe we have created something special and you will love it too, just try it, it's for free.

Easy to use.... Unique user interface and features.... Simply loved it
Shubham Sharma 17bme090
Great diary idea. Greetings to the developer
Dobri Kostadinov
I tried several other apps with higher install numbers and none of them did the job right. Daylee is super user friendly and it does the job well. Sure it is missing some key features like adding music to th...
Gokhan Arik