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About Profi Boxing Timer - Free Interval timer

Profi Boxing Timer - Free Interval timer makes it easy to enjoy any interval workout at home or at gym. Use it for your shadow boxing, punching bag workout, tabata or any other HIIT training, it will always deliver.

With our free interval timer app you can immediately start working up a sweat in your favourite activity. Boxing, tabata, HIIT,... Profi Boxing Timer has got you covered. Become stronger, lose weight or just excercise to be healthy and in a good shape, this stopwatch will keep you on track. It features modern design without any disruptive elements, sound signalization and even presets for different round/pause configurations.

👊🏼Intuitive free pro boxing timer
👊🏼Simple and easily readable design
👊🏼Interval training - you can set number and lenght of rounds and lenght of pauses
👊🏼Presets! You are not limited to one setting and you can instantly switch between your prepared timers
👊🏼Adjustable sound and vibration signals so you don't have to watch the display
👊🏼Works well as interval timer for any activity like HIIT, tabata, boxing, sparring...

Interval timer for any activity
Different sports and different martial arts require fundamentaly different approaches to training but some things remain the same. Yet, most disciplines benefit from someone or in this case something standing behind your back and pushing you to your limit. Training in precise time units can be motivational and easier for your mind - you don't stop until timer tells you so and you start when gong signals you to. It is also a great tool for trainers and coaches who can now focus more on actual training and less on tracking time. Set your timer, set your goals - start, now.

Very good very nice
Jaipur Boxing Academy Singh Kachhawa
Great and easy to use, ads are far and few between and havent interrupted my workouts. Lets you save 3 different workouts with differing round and rest lengths and amounts. I have one for HIIT, Endurance, an...
John Lang
Dean Veu