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About Movements Karate

If you have any interest in Shotokan Karate and want to learn and develop your karate in an innovative and exciting way, this app is for you.

Movements Shotokan karate is one of a kind and offers an unparalleled resource for your development now and into the future with its continually expanding database.

Movements Shotokan Karate brings masters of the art to your phone, tablet or laptop with changeable avatars that you can slow down, pause, rotate and place in a range of different virtual locations as well as in your world with AR.

Search for your chosen technique from the database according to criteria such as stance (foot position and centre of gravity), attack or defence and target. Then see the techniques being performed as a speed relevant to your style of learning and interest. Techniques are described in both English and (anglicised) Japanese to help build and deepen your knowledge of the art.

The database has many techniques and is planned to expand even more over future months and years to include all Katas, Kihon and Kumite from white belt to black belt and much more! To help us achieve this, please consider a subscription.

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This app is a really useful tool. The abitly to slow the movement down and take the time to break down the stages of a kick or punch is an exallent idea and we'll executed
Matt Place
6 stares if I could
Cosmic Jammill
Good application, very useful
Kristine Martinez
The Best App I have used for learning Karate. 5*
Paul Freeman
I really like so give five stars
Adom Tutu