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About Walling

Walling is your to-go app to to capture ideas on a daily basis. It’s your visual space to spill over your daily notes, bookmarks, inspiration images, highlights from a book or any online and offline discoveries you want to save.

- Capture everything: Notes, links, images, files, checklists, bulleted lists and more!
- Time travel: View all the ideas you saved in the past or add a note for the future.
- Organize on a wall: Plan and organize your ideas and projects more visually on a wall.
- Search: Find anything you saved to Walling, instantly.

Ideas can strike at any time! Whether you're at your desk or on the go, Walling is here to help you jot down and organize ideas.

Terms & Privacy:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can I capture using Walling?

You can capture notes, links, images, files, checklists, bulleted lists, and more!

Can I view the ideas I saved in the past?

Yes, with Walling, you can time travel and view all the ideas you saved in the past. You can also add a note for the future.

How can I organize my ideas and projects?

Walling allows you to plan and organize your ideas and projects more visually on a wall.

Can I search for specific content in Walling?

Absolutely! You can search for anything you saved to Walling and find it instantly.

Is Walling available for both desktop and mobile?

Yes, Walling is available for both desktop and mobile devices, so you can capture and organize ideas wherever you are.

Where can I find the terms and privacy policy for Walling?

You can find the terms and privacy policy for Walling at this link:
This is my most trusted bookmarking and task planner tool (it might not have alarms and reminders but still it works like a charm)
Kamal Aakarsh Vishnubhotla
A big improvement on the previous app, I can scroll through my bricks without them moving around. I use the app to transfer links from my mobile bookmarks to my desktop for filing. What's more impressive is ...
John Crumpton
Awesome The desktop app is a major part of my workflow, and this is a very good first version of the Android app
Ms R
I have been waiting for a year. Thankyou, if I was a rich person I might have supported financially.♥️
003 Abhishek
Amazing app from a passionate founder!
This just gets better and better. Create walls with all your thoughts /projects /businesses and organise everything, so simple and efficient way of gathering your thoughts, notes and plans. Super happy it's ...
ray mongey