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About BoofCV Computer Vision

Demonstration of several computer vision techniques provided by BoofCV

1) Image Processing (blur, edge, binary, enhancement, 360 photo)
2) Segmentation (superpixels, thresholding, color)
3) Detection (corner, SURF, SIFT, line, shapes)
4) Image Association (nearest-neighbor)
5) Tracking (KLT, object tracking, motion detection)
6) Camera Calibration (chessboard, circles, squares)
7) Recognition (QR Code, CNN, fiducial markers)
8) Structure from Motion ( stereo disparity, mosaic/stabilization, photogrammetry),

Project Website:

For instructions and a more detailed explanation:

Full source code:

Probably the best CV system on android
Looks like a very good and quite functional library and demo (despite "alpha version" status). I'll dive into learning it. It looks like exactly what I am looking for. (something for developing a vision-base...
Andrey Serov
George Lucas