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About ProtoVision - Object Detector

ProtoVision Features
- Realtime object detection & tracking using machine learning.
- Speaks out the detected object’s name loudly.
- ProtoVision works fully offline. Isn’t it great?
- It can detect a huge amount of objects from pillows to horses, from tea tables to airplanes.
- ProtoVision also supports importing images from your gallery.
- Multiple objects can be detected and labeled in pre-captured images simultaneously.
- Offers a modern UI.
- And features with Dark Mode.

ProtoVision is offered by DotEscape Software Lab at no cost.

ProtoVision uses beautiful icons from Icons8 (

Privacy Policy
View ProtoVision’s legal privacy policy at

Need more help?
If you have any question about ProtoVision don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is ProtoVision?

ProtoVision is an object detection and tracking system that utilizes machine learning and can identify various objects in real-time. It also has the capability to announce the names of the detected objects.

Can ProtoVision work offline?

Yes, ProtoVision is fully functional even without an internet connection.

What types of objects can ProtoVision detect?

ProtoVision can detect a wide range of objects, including but not limited to pillows, horses, tea tables, and airplanes.

Can I import images from my gallery for object detection using ProtoVision?

Yes, ProtoVision supports importing images from your gallery for object detection purposes.

Can ProtoVision detect multiple objects in a single image?

Yes, ProtoVision has the ability to detect and label multiple objects simultaneously in pre-captured images.

Does ProtoVision have a modern user interface?

Yes, ProtoVision offers a modern user interface for easy and intuitive usage.

Does ProtoVision have a Dark Mode feature?

Yes, ProtoVision includes a Dark Mode feature for a more comfortable viewing experience.

Who developed ProtoVision and how much does it cost?

ProtoVision is developed by DotEscape Software Lab and is offered for free.

Where can I view ProtoVision's privacy policy?

You can view ProtoVision's privacy policy at

How can I get more help or ask questions about ProtoVision?

For any questions or assistance regarding ProtoVision, you can contact us at [email protected].