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About AstroPrint (for 3D Printing)

AstroPrint® Mobile is a simple way to manage and monitor your Desktop 3D Printer from your smartphone.

First, you'll need to connect your 3D Printer to the AstroPrint Cloud for FREE.

After you connect your 3D Printer to the AstroPrint Cloud, you can use AstroPrint® Mobile to manage, monitor, and print directly to your Desktop 3D Printer from anywhere around the world.

With AstroPrint® Mobile, you can:

• Visually inspect your print bed.
• Get notifications about print status.
• Start and stop prints.
• Print from repositories like Thingiverse .
• Use the AstroPrint Cloud Slicer (which uses CURA Engine) to slice and print.
• ..and more!

AstroPrint is compatible with standard Marlin & Sailfish firmware based printers (like Prusa i3, FlashForge Creator Pro, Lulzbot, Ultimaker, Robo3D, and Makerbot 2X and below etc.).

If you are not sure about your printer's compatibility, please check the compatibility section on

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Thank you for this amazing project. Slicing in the cloud and sending to octoprint is a huge game changer.
Anton Kostov
Dissapointing. Why does this app present as a slicer?? I need to slice .stl files on Android. I can do everything and more, remotely, than this app offers, simply by using my VPN to access my home network. A...
Santiago Montano
A must have if you're 3D printing
Kip Murray
I'm a beginner at 3d printing and find the app easy to navigate.
Bill McCarthy
I normally don't do reviews or give my opinion if not is good intended feedback. However this app just made me do it. I love it, such an awesome concept and idea. Printing at home from work with octoprint pl...
Erick Miranda
This app has been great so far Thanks for the great work