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About Hueckel Molecular Orbital HMO

Hueckel Molecular Orbital Theory - HMO

This App calculates molecules by Hueckel-approximate.
You can either input directly by the topology matrix or by the implemented own drawing system.

This values will be calculated by solving a determinant of the given matrix:
Eigenvalues, energy level diagram, bond ordering, charge ordering, net charge, free valences, atom-atom / bond-atom / bond-bond polarizability.

All values are graphically processed and can exported to PDF.

You can calculate physical quantum mechanical effects on your own Cellphone or Tablet.

Perfect for education in School and University.

Developed at the Technical University of Darmstadt - Theoretical Physical Chemistry / TU Darmstadt

If you are interested in helping to translate this app? Do you have any suggestions for improvement or found some mistakes?. Please contact [email protected]

Excelent tool
Ramon Rodríguez
Nice apps for learning the Hueckel
Alief Irham
This is a very useful app, I use it very frequently. Whether Im trying to estimate most likely reactions or wich product configuration will be favoured in a reaction, this app helps to do it in a very conven...
Eduardo Hernández Requejo