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About Voltaic Cell Lab

Voltaic Cell Lab provides accurate basic information about voltaic cell made up of any two half cells with just two simple steps: select and press "get data"!

With this app, you don't have to refer to the standard reduction potential (SRP) list anymore, the app will identify the anode and cathode of a voltaic cell for you based on the standard reduction potentials of each half cells.

· Supports 465 combinations of half cells
· Detailed basic information such as cell notation, half cell equations, overall equation, standard cell potential and equilibrium constant.
· Includes a simple Nernst equation calculator for calculations involving non-standard voltaic cells
· Sorted tutorials that are aimed to provide as much quality information as possible
· Includes a filterable and sort-able list of half-reaction equations and standard reduction potential values (SRP) for reference
· Completely free and does not contain ads!

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Very useful
Marius Pretorius
Best apps for chemistry students!!!
Leon Wee
An amazing app. good work done
A Google user
Pat-Daniel Muir
Wow it helped me a lot..good creation ❤️
Not bad not bad
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