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About Lab.Hacks Calculate Dilutions -Molecular biology-

Lab.Hacks provides you with tools, calculators and libraries for your daily work at the lab.

Major part of our lab work experience is based on the molecular biology sector but we do have some expertise in chemistry and physics.

Lab.Hacks assists you in multiple lab tasks:

• Learn scientific techniques and practical tips and tricks ,which will help you to improve the output of your experiment in particular in Molecular Biology, Microbiology, biotechnology and chemistry

• Calculate and Convert Dilutions with our Dilution Calculator and determine the weight you need for specific Buffer Concentrations and Molarities

• Browse through our Buffer Library and find detailed Protocols of more then 50 common Stock Solutions and Buffers

• Create individual Buffers, Solutions and Mastermixes and save them in your customized Library

• Monitor your Scientific Experiments with our Timers, Stopwatches and Cell Counter

• Discover more then 50 useful Tables, Charts, Graphics and Illustrations about topics like DNA, RNA and Proteins, ranging from Molecular Weight Ladders, Gel %, Running fronts, Degenerate Bases, Codon wheels, Amino acid details, SDS PAGE, Fluorochromes and Cell dish properties

• Enjoy our Extras like our awesome music playlists which will bring fun and motivation to every Lab task.

Lab.Hacks is more than just an useful App. We are also creating a lot of interesting, funny and sometimes weird content based on Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Lab life in general.

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Superb application
anandh anandh
An amazing hack keep it up. Brilliant
Bitaniya Mekonnen
The best app for a lab. Does all your daily tasks, teaches you new stuff, and pulls you out of gloominess with music recommendations. Can't expect more. Kudos to the people who came up with this, you're help...
Dr Raj Sahoo