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About RxSaver – Prescription Drug Discounts & Coupons

The Ultimate Tool for Prescription Discounts - Save Up To 85%!

Prescription medications are pricey, and you deserve to know what you’ll pay at the pharmacy before pick up. RxSaver by RetailMeNot allows you to search for pharmacy discounts in seconds and offers Rx coupons to use at nearby pharmacies.

RxSaver is 100% free and there are no membership fees.

RxSaver allows you to check local prescription prices and save on medications! No matter where you fill your prescription, RxSaver may help you save money.

RxSaver allows you to easily search for Rx discounts at pharmacies nationwide, including CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Kroger, Walmart, Costco, and more. You can find discounted pharmacy prices for brand name and generic drugs at pharmacies near you.

RxSaver is free and can be used by anyone who is insured, underinsured, or without insurance coverage. Keep in mind, RxSaver may offer a better price than what your insurance copay offers.

RxSaver may help you save on pet medications! There are many medications prescribed for pets that have human equivalents, which can be easily filled at local pharmacies. Ask your vet if there is a human equivalent for your pet’s meds before filling your pet's next prescription.

RxSaver prescription coupons cannot be combined with your insurance or federal/state-funded programs like Medicaid or Medicare. Before filling your prescription, search for Rx coupons and compare to see if RxSaver beats your insurance price.

If the RxSaver coupon offers a better price than your insurance copay, simply use the coupon instead of your insurance for the prescription.

Here’s how RxSaver works!

Once you’ve installed the RxSaver mobile app on your device, here’s how our free tool works:

* Enter your prescriptions medication’s name in RxSaver’s search bar
* Either enable your GPS for location placement or enter your ZIP code manually
* Tap “Edit” in the top right corner and confirm the correct strength, quantity, and packaging per your provider’s direction
* Select “Show Prices”
* Review the list of drug prices and discounts from nearby pharmacies
* Tap “Show Coupon” to select your preferred price and pharmacy
* The prescription coupon will appear and you’re ready to save!
* Take your phone with you to the pharmacy listed in the coupon. The pharmacy name will be next to each coupon listed or under the coupon price on the Drug Coupon screen for easy reference
* Want to share the savings with your friends and family? Simply click the share button on your device and send the coupon directly to the contact of your choice
* At check-out, show the RxSaver coupon to the pharmacist
* Feel satisfied knowing you just saved money on your prescription medications!

Saved Meds Section:

Searching for the same medication over and over again each time you use RxSaver is time-consuming.

With RxSaver, it's easy to save your frequently searched medications so you can check back for prices.

To Save Medication:

* Search for your prescription medication
* Select “Edit” in the upper right corner to confirm strength, quantity, and medication packaging
* Select “Show Prices” to view the full list of coupons and nearby pharmacies
* Select “Save Med” located directly under your prescription details
* Your medication has now been saved!

To see your saved medications at any time, click the Saved Meds icon located at the bottom of the screen.

Visit to learn more.

* Savings calculated based on the pharmacy’s cash price. On average, fourteen percent of RxSaver by RetailMeNot prescription purchases receive savings of 85% or more. Prescription drug prices fluctuate frequently and vary by location. Therefore RxSaver pricing is subject to change without notice. Search the RxSaver app for the most up-to-date prices in your area. RxSaver is not a form of insurance.

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Danny Desch
I love RxSaver. It saves a lot on my prescriptions
Jaquice Reynolds
My insurance will not pay for this med. I could not afford it if not for this RxSaver. Thanks & God Bless.
Shirley Krejcarek