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About Photo Curves - Color Grading

Experiment with your photos using flexible color grading tools. Create your own photo filters instead of searching through hundreds of apps with predefined filters, which you can't adjust. With this app you can also enhance, tune or replace colors, create famous cinematic Teal and Orange (a.k.a. Orange Teal) look, adjust white balance, resize photos or save them with different jpeg quality to optimize file size.

Save your editing to preset library to use it later or share with others. You can use build-in presets (filters) as is or as a starting point for your color grading experiments.

The following tools are currently supported:

- Basic controls (brightness, contrast, shadows, highlights, saturation)
- Color wheels (shadows, midtones, highlights)
- RGB curves
- Lab curves
- Hue vs Saturation curve
- Hue vs Hue curve
- Hue vs Luma (Lightness) curve
- Luma vs Saturation curve
- Luma vs Hue curve
- Saturation vs Saturation curve

Preset library:

- Create your own presets or edit existing
- Export your presets to a file to share or import presets created by others

Color grading hints:

Color wheels - add color to shadows, midtones, or highlights.

RGB curves - control red, green, and blue channels independently.

LAB curves - unlike RGB, LAB color space allows you to manipulate color channels separately from brightness component. This gives you much more creative freedom to play with colors.

Hue vs Saturation curve - make one color more vibrant than others, or leave one or two colors only, making the rest of the picture black and white.

Hue vs Hue curve - replace colors or color ranges with another color(s) by shifting their hue. I.e. you can change the color of the blue sky or green grass, which can completely change the mood of your photo.

Hue vs Luma curve - adjust brightness of selected colors or color ranges. This allows you to brighten or dim parts of your image creating interesting creative effects.

Luma vs Saturation curve - adjust saturation of shades, midtones, or highlights.

Luma vs Hue curve - shift hue of shades, midtones, or highlights.

Saturation vs Saturation curve - boost saturation of unsaturated parts of your picture and decrease over-saturated areas to create evenly saturated HDR like pictures.

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Awesome! Extremely powerful yet lightheartedly app!
Pablo Fernandez-Beri
vijaya kumaran nair s
Perfect app for colour grading pics but just need some masking tools
satya prakash