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About GuruShots - Photography Game

Love taking photos? Join daily photo challenges, get instant feedback, improve your photography & get rewarded. Join for Free!

Team up and take on challenges together! Join a team or create your own, Participate in Team vs Team matches, chat with other members, and see track your Team score in real-time. GuruShots, The first-of-its-kind photo app for photographers of all levels, reinvents the way people interact with their photos, making it more fun, exciting and rewarding.

+ It’s fun, social and helps improve photography skills.
+ Enjoy daily themed photo challenges.
+ Get Instant Feedback on your pictures from over 5 billion Monthly Votes.
+ See how you rank compared to others in Real-time.
+ Win amazing prizes; Over $600K in prizes.
+ Gain massive exposure: Get featured in magazines, online and in international photo exhibitions!
+ FREE to join & easy to get started.

Ready to show off your creative images? Download our photo app now and join a community of millions around the world who are already hooked!


Whether you like taking photos with a DSLR camera or your Mobile phone, share photos in our themed photo competitions, from “Black and White” to “Beards”, capture fresh pictures or dust off shots you already have.


With instant photos feedback from over 6 billion monthly votes, GuruShots photographers gain affirmation and inspiration on their photography that even surprises themselves with their creativity and progress.


The power of the crowd rates pictures instantly; our photography app enables members to see which photos rank highest, compare their photographs to others, and follow their ranking in real-time.


Get ready for the most exciting photography app! Compete in daily photo challenges and work your way up from Newbie to Guru status by receiving peer votes, points, and achievements.
Swap your photographs to see which one works best; use Boosts, Fills and Keys to receive maximum exposure.


Experiment with your photos and find out which of them are WOW.
Discover what's popular, get fresh ideas and receive awesome insights. As you level up in the photo game, you will find yourself improving your photography skills, too.


Gain massive exposure for your photos and earn badges that demonstrate your achievements. Get meaningful recognition and appreciation for your creative photography by being featured in magazines and online - and even in international photo exhibitions!


From New York to Singapore, London to Cape Town, and beyond. About 5,000 GuruShots photographers are recognized each month, with tens of thousands already exhibited. Now, you have the opportunity to get recognized, submit your photos to one of our photo contests for the chance to showcase your work in international photo exhibitions and connect with like-minded photographers.


Top GuruShots community members have the chance to snag prizes, from in-game power-ups to photography gear and gift cards. Members cast over 5 billion monthly votes in 500+ photo contests, winning $600k+ in prizes.

Tap into a fast-growing community of millions of creative people like you who simply love taking pictures!


Suitable for anyone who's passionate about photography at any level from Mobile Photographers to DSLR Photographers.

Download the World’s #1 photography app now and play for FREE!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is GuruShots?

GuruShots is a photography game where users can join daily photo challenges, get instant feedback, improve their photography skills, and get rewarded.

How does GuruShots work?

GuruShots allows users to participate in daily photo challenges, receive instant feedback on their pictures, see real-time rankings compared to others, and have the chance to win amazing prizes. Users can also join teams, participate in team vs team matches, chat with other members, and track their team scores.

How can GuruShots help improve my photography skills?

GuruShots provides a fun and social platform for photographers to improve their skills. Users can receive instant feedback on their photos from over 6 billion monthly votes, discover what's popular and get fresh ideas, and level up in the photo game to improve their photography skills.

Can I win prizes on GuruShots?

Yes, GuruShots offers the chance to win amazing prizes. Community members have the opportunity to win in-game power-ups, photography gear, gift cards, and even have their work featured in magazines and international photo exhibitions. Members have won over $600k in prizes.

Who can join GuruShots?

GuruShots is suitable for anyone passionate about photography at any level, from mobile photographers to DSLR photographers. It is open to anyone who loves taking pictures.

Is GuruShots free to join?

Yes, GuruShots is free to join and easy to get started. Users can download the photography app and join a community of millions of creative people from around the world.
Very addictive. Definitely makes you stretch out of your comfort zone. Love it!
Amy reinhardt
I love this app its sick to get to compete against others except I dont get too invested because it's all pay to win as long as the challengers can pay and get boosted to one of the pics that gets seen most ...
Dat Kid Wood
This is an awesome photography game. I enjoy is very much.
Louise de Jager
luuv it...ive learned alot...and luv seeing other peoples photos.😃
Maryalyne laurel Jean Roach
Tora Solvik
love this game. . wish they had forums in the app incase people want to seek/give relevant advice.
jennifer borel