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About Plates - Photography

Starting with the idea that memories exist in context, we have built Plates, a new social photography app. "Plates" replaces conventional hashtags with a powerful combination of collaboration and curation tools, as well as respect for users' privacy. Plates is for storytelling, curation, co-creation, and for discovering great photos!

Organize your photos

Organize your photos by creating plates on different types of photography that you do. A plate is nothing but a photo album that can be based on your trips, photography, passions, or anything that floats your boat. Add photos and videos to your plate and curate your content like never before. Find genuinely interested followers for your photography. Be free from the risk of spamming your follower's feed.

Collaborate with Photographers

Introduce a new way of storytelling, add other users as co-curators to your plate on the app. Collaborate with other users on the app with similar interests in photography as you and have a common space for all your photos! Conduct your photo walks like never before.

Discover great photography

Discover amazing photos from photographers on different kinds of photography like astro photography, wildlife photography, portrait photography, landscape photography and much more from all around the world. Find thousands of photos from every genre of photography.

Create private plates

Some stories are meant for everyone. Some are meant for some. Have exclusive private spaces on the app for your friends and family. Perfect for sharing intimate moments.

Plates is a photography app lets you organize your photos into individual plates for stronger curation. Unlike other photography apps, it lets you add other photographers to your plates for co-creation as well!

We can`t wait to see your amazing content on Plates. Come, let`s Platesit, Live Life Together!

For any help, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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Download the Plates app today and share your photography with the world!

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Amazing app, always inspiring seeing other beautiful photos! 🥰
Nice format, really enjoying it and excellent customer services and helpful
John Dearden
Saleem Mbwambwa
Very cool to be able to create different plates for diferent kinds of pictures.
William Narvaez
Great support Its a free app. Great community, great customer service, i can go on all day about this app
Jeep Joseph
Greate app with lot of potential. Im a photographer from germany, new in wildlife niche, i definitely will create my wildlife portfolio on this app.
Csegedi Joszef