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About Lensa: Photo Editor

Lensa is the best photo editor app out there that will help you make outstanding selfies. The face photo filters and effects provided in the app will make you forget about traditional photo effects and selfie filters. This is the simplest, but at the same time most effective photo retouch and editing app you can find. With Lensa you can accomplish even what seems like complex face photo editing on the go, within mere moments. So, if you want to edit a photo of yourself even in the slightest, you now can download and use this selfie editor for free.


You won’t need to look for solutions for uneven color and look of your skin. Now you have this simple and intuitive portrait editor that will help you get rid of these issues even without an acne remover. So, install the app and take advantage of our portrait innovations and skin editor features to make your skin look gorgeous. Use our face editor to:

• Use Auto Adjust feature to let the app do everything for you as your perfect photo blemish remover;
• Get rid of lines, bumps, and other distracting features on the face;
• Smoothen and perfect your skin;
• Highlight the face and put at it the center of the selfie;
• Apply the blur photo effect to the background.


One of the greatest features of the Lensa selfie filter and photo face editor is eye retouch. Some of the key eye editing perks include:

• Getting rid of eye bags within a second;
• Highlighting your eyes via contrast;
• Thickening the eyebrows via an innovative eyebrow editor.


With Lensa, you don’t have to rely on your smartphone’s face camera, no matter how simple or advanced it is, to achieve the necessary depth levels and color effects. This app will make your front camera the best selfie camera you could ever have. Therefore, now you can:

• Improve the depth to your selfies using lens correction;
• Make your lips brighter and fuller;
• Adjust the lighting on your selfie to the point of perfection.


You can also take care of your photo’s background to make it complement your portrait and an overall perfect addition to the shot. Our app allows you to make it your partner rather than a rival. In order to achieve the best effect, you can:

• Apply the Auto Adjust tool and the app will do all you need;
• Blur the background and make it deeper, as you need;
• Make the background perfectly matching to your photo;
• Make your selfie dynamic by adding motion to the background;
• Use Petzval lens effect to put yourself in the spotlight.


There are many other features in our face app that help retouch photos on the go. Along with conventional face effects to outline the beauty face of yours, Lensa offers you set of state-of-the-art tools, such as:

• Photo teeth whitener that will make your smile impeccable;
• Exposure adjustment for various elements in the image;
• Color intensity editor to add a particular tone to your selfie;
• Saturation levels to emphasize on the needed elements;
• Sharpness tool for various accents;
• Fade effect for a feeling of dreaminess;
• Temperature tool for highlighting the image’s mood;
• Tints for making your selfie look just the way you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Lensa?

Lensa is a photo editor app that helps you make outstanding selfies with face filters and effects.

Can Lensa improve the appearance of my skin?

Yes, Lensa has a portrait editor feature that can help you get rid of skin issues and make your skin look flawless.

What eye editing perks does Lensa offer?

Lensa can remove eye bags, highlight your eyes using contrast, and thicken your eyebrows with an innovative eyebrow editor.

How can Lensa improve the depth of my selfies?

Lensa can improve the depth of your selfies using lens correction and adjust the lighting to perfection.

Can I enhance the background of my photos with Lensa?

Yes, Lensa allows you to blur the background, make it deeper, and make it perfectly match your photo. You can also add motion to the background and use the Petzval lens effect.

What are some extra features of Lensa?

Lensa offers additional features such as teeth whitening, exposure adjustment, color intensity editor, saturation levels, sharpness tool, fade effect, temperature tool, and tints to customize your selfie.
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Nice one :)
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Great app! Specially if you want that DSLR like background blur!
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Great app
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