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About Reflect - Journal, Daily guided self reflection

Reflect Journal is one of the easiest ways to find calmness and meaning in your everyday life, through self reflection.

Reflect is a personal reflective journal that intelligently helps you to capture your thoughts and feelings and enables you to shift to a more positive outlook.
Be more centered and self-aware. Discover new ways to be more loving, authentic and courageous.

With Reflect Journal you get into the habit of checking in with yourself, daily. Note down how you're feeling. Take the time to think deeper about what is important to you.
Reflect intelligently guides your reflections with structure, topics and questions.

This one-of-a-kind app uses proprietary model of behavioral competencies to guide you. The model is based on methods and practices from solution-focused coaching, leadership development theories, CBT and positive psychology.

Journaling is one of the best tools you can use to connect with yourself and clear your mind.
With Reflect journal you get the benefits of a mindful journaling practice:
• Get topics with questions for reflection
• Get insights on what matters to you now
• Empower your actions everyday
• Discover positive outlook on everyday life situations
• Learn to be grateful.
• Be more present and live with purpose
• Liberate from negative thought and behavioral patterns
• Develop and cultivate new perspectives and attitudes
• Gain clarity and self-confidence
• Connect thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
• Take more control over your live
• Put things in different perspectives
• Shift from a negative to a positive mindset
• Improve your mental health

Reflect Journal can also be used as a tool for self-help and self-improvement.

Reflect journal enables you to:
• Daily checking in with yourself
Get into the habit of paying attention to your thoughts and feelings daily.
• Dive deeper
Get intelligently suggested reflection topics to ask yourself deeper questions.
• Library of topics for self-reflection with questions and inspirations
Get an ever-growing collection of powerful topics and questions. Have space to write your thoughts, notice your feelings, and consider new behaviors. Use the guided reflective questions to discover new perspectives and approaches to life situations.

Reflect Journal offers a growing collection of self-reflection topics and questions to help you explore yourself.

Self Mastery:
Help in approaching daily life with creativity and awareness.

Help in nurturing love and connection in your relationships.

Help in treating yourself with love, kindness and understanding, when life is hard.

Help in acting in ways that reflect who you really are, regardless of what people may think of you.

Help in acting selflessly when faced with difficulty, challenges or risk.

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Great app for self-help and motivation. Makes my day brighter. Thank you!
Bradley Eang
LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Best motivational app ever! Over the years I have tried a lot of apps but this one is the absolute best! They need to add more emotions on their list but still love the app.
Lovely ui elements and great design. Creats a peacefullness within you and helps you get out what needs be said within yourself. Big thumbs up.
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