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About Contraction Timer

New feature in the app! Your relatives and friends or doctor can monitor your contractions over the Internet!

The app enables to fix:
- start and stop time of contraction;
- length of contraction;
- frequency of contractions.

If the contractions correspond with the labor begin, the app will notify about the need to go to the birthing centre.


- Attractive design;
- Convenient buttons for contraction count;
- Information about the labor begin.

*** If you like our app, you can support the developers and buy the disable-ads-feature in the app! ***

Very easy to use and understand. We used it with the labour of our son and worked quite well :D please keep improving!
Alejo Ferreras
Very nice app, gives out advice and necessary information about contractions, like saying when they are Braxton or not or when going to the hospital is necessary.
Juan Zarate
Love it
A Google user