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About HamRadioExam - Technician

"Ham Radio Exam - Tech" will help the user pass his/her examination for a Technician Class FCC Amateur Radio License. Newly updated to include the question pool for exams administered after 01 July 2018. See "What's new in this version" for installation instructions if you are already using this app prior to upgrading.

Ham Radio Exam allows the user to review the correct answers to the official pool of questions that will appear on their Technician license exam.

The user can also take quizzes of each topic that will be on the exam as well as take simulated examinations that exactly mimic the license exam that the user will take.

The users performance is stored so that the user can track their progress as they continue their preparations.

Ham Radio Exam even allows the user to find an examination session near them and to follow ham radio news.

This is the best exam practice app ever! Using this app I passed my exam 34/35 (like Paul Harrell says, "that's just me" lol) must reccomend, I'm on to using the General and Extra apps now, still amazing! Gr...
Wolfang Studios
Rich Steward
Perfect for exam prep. I got a perfect score on my exam using this as part of my studying.
Christopher Gaeth